Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am going back with a vengance

I registered for my fall classes this morning and I will be taking a very full load of 4 classes. Yikes!! I only have 7 classes total that I need to graduate from TMCC and then on to UNR for thier ECE program. Hopefully if all goes well and I pass all these last 7 classes I will be graduated this time next year. I am excited about that but I know it's a long road ahead with lots of papers, reading, studying with interruptions, time away from social things I would rather be doing and just general stuff that you sacrifice to be a student. The pay off is worth it. I am going to need the money being as how my kids are entering double digit numbers rather quickly and soon to be eating us out of house and home.
I will enjoy this summer so much more knowing what I have ahead and how much work next year will entail. I am glad that although I am registered and set to go I have a few months still of leisurely living.


laura said...

maybe we should start a small group... moms in school.
with a focus on studying...don't think that would work though.
what classes are you taking??? i am registered for eng. 102 and math 120 in the fall... yippee for us!!!!!

shontell said...

YAY! YOU CAN DO IT!! I am taking 'Teaching Elementary Math' and I completely LOVE it. We colored our first night of class, wrote a poem about the distributive property, and taught our classmates HOW to teach their students to write simple math lessons dealing with patterns. I graduate in 23 more classes! Baby steps. Baby steps. My last class is August 2010. Oh so far away.

Erica said...

Enjoy the summer, Noel. It will just be a season and it will seem to fly by at the end. Although, I agree, some classes are difficult and seem to go on forever when you are in the midst of them!

Murdoc said...

Good luck with the school. 4 classes is quite a load. I've thought about continuing but it's not realistic at this point in life. Have you applied for any scholarships? You may be able to get some good ones since you have 4 kids.

allie said...

OMGosh........I won't say "Are you nuts?" because that wouldn't sound encouraging. I'll just say, "Way to go, Noel!!! You are amazing!" And that is true too!

noel said...

laura- don't think it will work either. maybe we need more of a support group. iwill be taking eng 102 as well as nutr 121,and hdfs 232 and spanish. i keep wanting to change spanish to italian cause i said that's what i want to do but i think spanish will help me more.
i take math 120 in the spring another spanish class and one more ECE class and then I am done, if I pass that is. then onto UNR for a year. Yippee.
shontell- i am glad you are enjoying your classes this could be why we haven't been on nearly enough dates this year. i am getting jealous of the Univ of Ph.
Baby steps is right.
erica- will enjoy it, so looking forward to it that the kids count down on the fridge is more for me than for them.
ben- yep, but then my kiddos will all be in school so i will have lot's o free time. i payed my dues. baby days are hard to be in school but it can be done as your wifee so wonderfully is accomplishing.
allie- WOW allie , "WOW, that was just about all she could say WOW!!"

Jen in Budapest said...

Noel!! I'm so excited for ya.

Tanya is still here and she's getting to see Budapest. I'm sure she'll have lots of pictures.

I love you sis. Miss you. Let's chat after this week.

Love you


noel said...

okie dokie jen- hope you 2 are having great fun. love you too.

laura said...

i am glad to hear i will have someone to go through eng 102 with... i am actually taking it online through WNC, and i will let you know how math 120 goes... i didn't do so well back when i was 18:(

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