Thursday, May 15, 2008

My last Mom's Group

This morning marked a significant season in my life coming to a close. I hosted my last mom's group at my house. I have been hosting mommy and me groups from all the way to Carson City days. I started this group because I was completely unhappy with the other moms groups at the time in Carson City. They were all too"type A" for me and I just wasn't going to play the whole, "Oh yeah, well I had my baby potty trained and walking at only 3 months old" game. Nor was I going to pay money to play that social game either. So I solved my own problem, asked Pastors Louie and Peggy if I could have a mom's group on Thursday morning at the church and the rest is history.
Over the years some of my closest friendship relationships have come about because of these mom's groups. I have seen incredibly strong mothers deal with children who have everything from Downs syndrome to ADHD. I have made friends with mom's who had twins and other mom's who would have given anything to have just one more baby. Moms are incredible people and I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful examples of motherhood that I have seen in my life time.
This group also helped fill a very big gap for me because these past almost 10 years I have not been able to be a teacher of lil ones except for with my own and from time to time volunteering at church. I miss teaching lil people. I love lil minds and how they work and that will never change for me. I love how people are who they are even at 3 years old and the only thing that changes between 3 and 30 is faces, and responsibilities but the interests you have at 3 often times trickle all the way into adult hood and this astounds me.
So, needless to say it was a mixed day for me. I am extremely happy to know that the group will go on with the brave and wise leader Erica in the fall but I am sad that this chapter in my life is now over.
Isaiah will be in preschool more on a fuller-time basis next semester, and I will be in school full time finishing up the ECE degree that I started many moons ago. I will be missing out on the coffee talks, the baby's growing, the new siblings coming, and all the fun memories. This makes me sad.
I will forever have a baby romance and will probably drop in from time to time on this group just to get that baby fix but I am moving on to more grown-up pastures. I hope these pastures taste as good as the ones I have been grazin for the last 9 years. Here's to moving on and growing up!!


laura said...

you were a wonderful and encouraging leader while i was with you guys... good luck on your new adventure!!!

Jeni said...

Baby fix? Hmmm... I wasn't aware that the group was open to this sort of thing. Could I go even though I have no kids, just to get my baby fix? Ha ha ha! Just kidding!

I'm excited to see what happens next for you! :)

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