Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Emma Faith

This girl has been waiting to turn double digits since she was 2. I have been holding off A LOT of grown-up girlie things until now. Double digits is when I told Emma that we would talk about things like; shaving her legs, getting high lights in her hair , wearing make-up, and other girlie products that are now fair game. I didn't think this number would come so quickly and her dad and I keep saying, "Emma why did you have to go and head into the double digits?" "Why couldn't you just stay put in those lower numbers?" She of course gives us the roll of the eyes and pssh Dad , pssh Mom look.
Well it's here, she is 10. Now what? We are entering into a whole new territory and you all might think I am being a bit dramatic but everybody who's ever been a parent knows these years go by rather quickly and before you know it....she will be an official ...... dare I say it......TEENAGER!!!!
But let's not rush things here, for now she gets to shave her legs. One baby step at a time.


slogoin' vws said...


small suggestion: don't shave your legs...that's from me.

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Dare I say it 10 is half way to 20!!! You can kick me Noel when you see me and know I will be calling you like crazy when morgan gets to 10 :)

laura said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!
Wow, back in the 80's, my mom wouldn't let me shave or get a perm until I was 12... how times have changed:)

digapigmy said...

a perm?

do people still get perms?

happy birthday emma

laura said...

HELLO..... I said a perm in THE 80'S!!!

allie said...

HAPPY B-DAY a little late, Emma!!!!
Lots of advice from me about shaving since Mollie shaves now. First of all, get one of those little electric razors at Target. Good stuff, no cuts. Next, believe your mom when she says it will grow in thicker and will be stubby feeling. Mollie didn't believe me. Why would I lie about this? Boredom? NO. Next, believe your mom when she tells you you'll be sorry if you go above the knee. Mollie has now confessed to me that she wishes a. she never started shaving and b. that she wishes she never went above her knees. Yep. As you walk through the big girls world of makeup, hair stuff, and shaving, remember, your motha knows what she's tawlkin' about! LOVE YOU, EMMA FAITH!

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