Friday, February 01, 2008


I can't believe that I am going to get up tomorrow, my only day to sleep in, and WALK. I am not just getting up , but getting up early to be at the Marina at 7a.m. in the freezing cold, before the sun is really shining, and before I can formulate nice things to say, to join a bunch of wonderful women in this craziness. What was I thinking? "It will be fun" I keep hearing Trista say. Then I hear Lolita saying," You people are on crack" and frankly I just don't know which voice to listen to right now.
The picture is of Sol a year ago but it is prolly how I will be feeling tomorrow morning.


laura said...

I'm with Lolita, you people ARE on crack! I will be meeting a couple hours later for coffee and food... much more my speed of a small group:)
Secretly though, I do wish that I lived a little closer, and it was a little warmer out, then I may enjoy the walking.
LOVE the picture, that was awesome.

Jen in Budapest said...

Go Noel!! Proud of you sis.....Woot woo!!

us crackheads gotsta stick togetha

shontell said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA First, I love the picture!! Second, Lolita is like the Moses of our time. She has clearly been to the mountain and delivering great words of wisdom. I just Stephanie a text that says YOU CAN DO IT!! lol. My Isabelle is out there as well. Crazy. My husband was going to go, but he was too late. I will simply be sticking to my weekly goals. I love treadmills.

noel said...

laura- hope your breakfast was yummy. i think i will be waiting for warmer weather as well. my legs are still frozen popsicle sticks.
jen- thanks, my personal trainer from abroad.
shontellie- yes , i saw her she was having a great time. the cold doesn't affect those wee ones not one lil bit. wish i wasn't such a woose.

Jen in Budapest said...

So did it go??? I'm curious to hear about your first training...;0)

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