Monday, February 18, 2008

Grocery Shopping and some other stuff

I have to go grocery shopping before this busy week starts. Usually I go on Mondays while all 4 of my spawn are in school. It's nice and quiet and not that bad. Today they were home and so I would rather have my tooth pulled that I have been procrastinating to get pulled for oh ....i dunno....5 years or so than bring all four of my spawn to the grocery store. It's not so bad now that they are older but still, I really do avoid grocery shopping with the kiddos if I can help it.

So instead of going now that the Moses is indoors and able to watch them I am blogging. That's just silly isn't it?

I had to take the 3 older ones out today to buy shoes because one of male species spawn had already busted out the side of his shoe that I only just bought him 3 months ago. Sheesh, he is hard on shoes. Having had girls first I am used to thier shoes lasting until like in the Cinderella movie they just can't squeeze thier foot in anymore so this 3 month stuff is just not acceptable. Anyhew, back to my story the other female spawn was in need of Hip Hop special dance shoes which I have been promising to get for her for quite sometime and well today was the day. Thank God for Payless is all I can say about that! Finally, the oldest female spawn needed walking shoes for the half marathon she has signed us up for and here comes the climax people......wait for it......she is only one, ONE shoe size away from me her Mom!!! WHAT??? When did that happen?

Well, I better go grocery shopping so that my week starts off well, and organized and a little less chaotic. If only it would stay that way.

But before I do let me procrastinate a bit more and look for a picture to go with this blog. I am sure I won't find one that really goes but maybe one that makes me think happy thoughts before grocery shopping.


laura said...

I agree... I have pretty much outlawed going to the store with any children.
on another note, Isabella is about to surpass Juliana in shoe size... and she is 2 years younger, some kids just have huge feet!
here's to a great week!

digapigmy said...

shopping with kids is for suckers.

that's why i make my wife do it.

Jen in Budapest said...

sissy - you are awesome!! this picture makes me happy too....and I love the way you call your kids your "spawn". Hilarious.

noel said...

laura- it's a good rule of thumb if it can be avoided it should be. i also have a younger one passing up the older but not in shoe size interestingly enough-strange.

diga- lo's a pretty good sport bout most things but somehow i don't see this as a regular occurence in the vision for her life.

jen-thanks, so are you and i stole the spawn verbage from louis. i like it, it makes me laugh.

Jeni said...

As a single person, I have to thank you for not bringing all of your spawn to the grocery store with you. I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad since they're pretty well behaved, but still-- It's very nice of you.

The worst is the family of 12 (or whatever super large number you choose) all hanging out right in front of the ONLY item you came to the store for.

laura said...

hahaha! I am not even going to ask which body part you are referring to...

scoey-d said...

grocery shopping is evil. Really evil. I know, because I worked at Smith's for 3 weeks. Graveyard shift. And then I saw the seamy underbelly of the grocery world, & life has really never been the same since.

And I think I heard jeni offering to take Saul & Zay to an antique shop.

noel said...

jeni- you are welcome
laura- no no no not body parts just whole body being taller.
scoey-yeah, i am sure there is much i don't want to know about the underbelly of grocery stores and yes, i do think that was an offer from jeni to take sol and zay china shopping. hee hee hee:)

dagore said...

Okay, cleaning out my old mail and came across your message saying to check out your blog spot. Here I am. This was too funny. I agree with Jen, funny calling them your! Cute Noel, just cute.☺ JK! I remember those days very well. But now, I wait sometimes for them to get out of school. They help out so much. Sometimes I do not know what I would do without their help. So, hang in there, it is only for a time and.......then you will have tons of alone shopping on your hands. And now I have to set off and do some gross shoppin. Wish I had my kids today....damn-it! ☺

laura said...

hahaha... woops... guess I better get my mind out of the gutter!

noel said...

dre- you should start bloggin on here you are so funny. hee hee. birds and wine, hee hee.
laura- yes, yes you should.

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