Monday, April 16, 2012

The Zoo with My Monkeys

On Saturday it was a practically perfect day in every way.

Blue sky, No rain, Sun...
What better occasion to head out to, Woodland Zoo does one need?

We were smart in our timing of this outing because, I knew being that it was sunny day(practically perfect day) here in Seattle, that we would not be the only ones to have the brilliant idea to go to the zoo.

But, we are a family of big kids now who like to sleep in on the weekend. I knew that if we got there in the afternoon when all the families with lils would be heading home for nap time that we would be in good shape.

And sure enough, we got primo parking, and like I said it was a practically perfect day in every way.

Except... when you start to notice the depressed look that all the animals seem to have.

It makes me think of that movie, 12 monkeys with Brad Pitt. Who has seen it? It is a crazy movie where some crazy activist people let all the animals loose from the zoo. Good movie. It made me respect Brad Pitt as an actual actor.

Ok back to depressed animals. Has anyone else ever walked away from the zoo feeling sad? I wonder sometimes why my brain works like this, because like I said it really was a practically perfect day in every way, but somehow I felt sad for the animals.
Not enough to pull a 12 monkeys scenario, still it did leave me feeling a little bit more in the animal activist camp than I am on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know much about the zoo but I was wondering if the animals get sick then better again maybe the zoo is a safe place for them? Then I got to thinking that maybe some of the animals are old and this is like an old folks home for them. They get feed and their environment gets cleaned. Everything has a beginning and every living thing has an ending, maybe they live longer at the zoo. We get to appreciate the animal for having been here. What if in our lives we never got the opportunity to look upon some of Gods different creations. The rodeo is what I object to. I just can't get behind roping them. Now I am getting sad. Enough of this subject. Oh one last thing. LOL you probably arrived at the animals nap time and that why they looked so depressed. Not to mention the sun was really hot for them and they arn't use to the sun.

No(dot dot)el said...

All very good and probably true points Mom. I never thought about the fact that they are older animals whose lives might be longer lived by being in captivity. I bet it was there nap time as well. They did seem pretty tired. Well, that makes me feel better about it all. Let's go check it out when you are here in June :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the animals. I like to go to the zoo. Love the elephant and the monkey. We lost our classroom pet. It was a lizard . We talked about it and Anderson read a cute book to the kids about living things

No(dot dot)el said...

Ah, Momma that's said that your class lost their classroom pet. Lizards are hard for me to get attached to. Sol had those two a while back remember that? I had no problem giving them away when the time came and we realized he wasn't taking good care of them. Cold hearted maybe, but lizards just aren't my fav. Or snakes. I HATE snakes.

Anonymous said...

Yah I am not too fond of snakes. One of the teachers had a pet snake. Great big white one. she would carry it over her shoulder.The kids learn't a lot about snakes that year. The lizard was a big one and it would wink at us. The kids named it Squirt. So we would say Please don't blurt so we won't wake up Squirt. The kids were sad but took comfort in that the critter won't suffer now.They drew pictures and we helped them write what they loved about squirt.Some classroom from Washington wrote a book when their classroom pet died. I'll get the name of the book.

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