Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Walk From Oregon to Washington

What to do if you ever find yourself, in a motel room, on a Sunny Day in Portland(which rarely to never happens), BUT with no car, and no money.
Go Home! Just Kidding.

If you don't know why I'm here with no car, and no money read post below. Moving on.

Mo left for work around 4:30am. I tried to go back to sleep but I was just too excited to have a whole day to myself in my favorite city no less. So I got up. That right there should be shocking to those of you that know me. There was a day when if I heard a person utter the words, "I Got up at 4:30" well, that would have meant that we were no longer friends. But, what can I say, I'm a new woman. No really, this is probably never going to happen again so I am glad I have it here in writing. And also the words "got up" should be noted as a very loose translation. Because I got up to ...

Read, read some more. Drank coffee, and read some more. Then I worked out in the lil gym. Also nice, but I prefer the great outdoors always to a treadmill. Still, it was, Ahh so nice. Then I started to get hungry, so I ate the free breakfast. Mmm, Mmm good!

It never ceases to amaze me how much better food tastes when someone else made it. Can I get a witness?

It was at about this time that I was noticing that I might not need the countless books I brought or 4 to 5 chic flicks, or even my beloved Maccy, to keep me busy, because the sun was making a glorious appearance. It was quite obvious an adventure was waiting for me.

Okay True, I didn't have a car or lots of money but I had my legs and more importantly a camera. Not the best camera in the world, still the more I take pictures with my Iphone, the more beloved that baby is becoming.

*Sidenote, I can't believe I haven't named my phone yet. Maybe it should be named Baby, so then I could quote Dirty Dancing by saying, "Nobody puts baby in a corner" Sometimes, I entertain myself. Have you noticed?

Pshh... so I didn't have a car,( are you noticing how many times I'm mentioning that I didn't have a car?) I was not going to let that stop me. It would have been nice to have a car... but I didn't SO GET OVER IT ALREADY! So I walked out the hotel lobby and I checked out the area around me. I saw a bridge. I like bridges. Can you see the bridge?

So I decided the best adventure walk I could take would be to get to that bridge. I had no idea it would be the bridge that crosses over from Oregon to Washington. The Columbia River Bridge.

It's always fun to walk from one state to another, always.

That sign is at the start of my big adventure for the day.

It may not be remarkable to cross over in a car from Oregon to Washington, or from Washington to Oregon, but on foot... well it was a real treat.

I have only walked 3 busy bridges in my life.
One in San Fran.
One in Budapest.
And now this one.

I could die a happy woman.

Have you ever walked a busy or famous bridge? Please do tell.
I would still like to walk the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
It's for sure a bucket list bridge.

I have to interject at this point that when you are on a busy bridge like this, and every semi truck that passes you by kinda makes you want to pee your pants, you realize that bridges could quite quickly turn into your worst nightmare.

As I was crossing taking in the view that was off the charts, AMAZING.. I kept thinking of My Dawl,Allie, and how this quite literally would have been an event that most certainly would have been the cause of the need for Depends in her life.

She has an aversion to bridges. When begging her to move to Seattle so we could once again be reunited, she said, point blank "Nope, too many bridges!"
And then she proceeded to shutter from just the thought of them.
Ok so we've established that she won't be walking bridges anytime soon.

She would prefer this route better. Under the bridge :)

But NOT ME!!

Wait... stop right there. Those of you who live in Carson City and have lived there a long time... do I not in this picture look like the lady who wears sweaters, hats, and sunglasses and walks the streets of Carson City quite frequently? Do you know who I'm talking about? She's kinda a legend. Many a story has been told as to why she wears such warm clothing on Sunny days.

My little mini vacation has turned out to be just, amazing.
I wasn't frazzled or burnt out or anything, but I was missing my Mr. Big, and what mom of 4 is going to refuse a little time on the lap of luxury? Not this one
I sometimes have to giggle at how spoiled I am from Doctor Father God. He's a good Doctor. The best, really.


Anonymous said...

doesn't she have a skin disorder along with other mental disorders?

No(dot dot)el said...

that's what i have been told but do we really know this to be true or is it just the stories that follow the lady behind the glasses? i mean, i would love to know for reals from people who have had a conversation with her. see, i knew my hometown would know who i'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

She is allergic to the sun

No(dot dot)el said...

well, is that is the case for fact then good for her for always getting out there and walking. although I find that hard to believe because if she was truly allergic to the sun then wouldn't we have only seen her out and about on cloudy days? the reason she became so well known was because she would wear such warm clothing on really hot sunny days. she is just as much a legend in CC as the waver. Does anyone remember him? Curly blonde hair??

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