Friday, April 27, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Insta Friday again already. Time flies when you are having fun, and boy howdy have I been having some OF IT!! I've been having some a lot OF IT! Hope there is still some OF IT left for the rest of yous.

Last Friday night was the "Kony Cover The Night" project. If you don't know what Kony 2012 is all about you can learn more here;Kony 2012. Isaiah and I had so much fun as we acted like secret agents and sang the mission impossible song, we also remembered why we were doing what we were doing. We prayed over every poster for a better world where bad guys who abuse children would be caught. Whether they catch Kony or not I know an impression was made in my young boys heart and for that I am grateful.

I often post pictures on a phone app called Instagram. There is a whole community of picture loving people that post pics there, and it is really a lot of fun. One of the reasons I like it so much is the editing filters you can use. They really give your pictures a whole new look.
So prepare for a little blaggin' that's what I call it when I'm gonna do some bragging, but since it's on my blog... it's blaggin... ok I'm a dork I know. I have had a few moments in the spot light with my pics on instagram where a company here in seattle called igers_seattle has asked to tag my pics and the results is lots o likes! My little point and click capture of one my favorite benches in Fremont is currently up to 115 likes even as I type. That's alot of likes. I like when people like me and my pics. It makes me happy. You can follow me on instagram under monosco. I will like it. You can also follow that girl thenatalierose. She's one of my favorite people on planet earth and a really good photographer, blogger,mother,wife, friend... doing a lil blaggin about her as well today.
My week it seemed to fly by because I had another friend here to share it with. Why is it that when you have a friend life is just more fun? It's just a little sweeter, brighter, better. Agreed? We had many good chats sitting by the camp fire loving life. And we also had a lot of outings because, well... I'm kinda trying to sell Christine on moving here.
One sure fire way to get people to realize how fricken fantastic Washington is, would be to take them here. Snoqualimie Falls, it never disappoints. I think I could be a real estate agent for the state of Washington. MOVE HERE FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! Make my life complete and MOVE HERE already! Ok, I'm done.
Well and then, at some point in everyone's life there comes a time that you must kiss a troll. Now don't go talking smack and saying that I already have, because I'm married to My Giant. You know YOU can't hold a candle to this guy...

Poor Giant. One of the nights by the campfire we heard the riiiip.... and then Ker-Plunk! There went The Moses, he was stuck until like the big papa bear that he is he tore it all to bits to get out! Pretty dang funny. Should have got video of that.

Well at least now I can take kissing a Troll off my list of "to do's" and add on there getting some new lawn chairs.
Ok, you are right, kissing a troll was never on my list of "to do's" but kissing a Giant sure was, is and always will be. XOXO sorry ... got a lil twitter paited there at the end. My Giant has that affect on me.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great weekend. I'll be out and about with my brother Greg and his girlfriend Tanya.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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shontell said...

Your husband looks like Buddy the Elf on those teeny tiny toilets. I love that about him.

No(dot dot)el said...

Theee hee hee, He really does. My Giant sigh... I like him.

Lu said...

Haha I just love your little message above the comment box :) Lovely pictures :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Lu, thanks I stole that line from a TV show somewhere. I thought it was pretty genius. Off to go find your blog now.

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