Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Did you know it was Earth Day yesterday, April 22nd? Before moving to Washington I will admit to you that Earth Day was just kind of a throw away holiday in my book. Ya know the kind like boss day, or secretary day. The kind of day that comes and goes and you wouldn't know it was a special "day" unless Hallmark told you so. But recently, me and mine have been blessed with a pretty big spot of land to live on. 5 acres to be exact. SO my eyes and ears have been awakened to how much it takes to care for it. It takes ALOT.

Our celebration started a little early last weekend when we as a family (our 6+1 cousin Derek), attacked the Earth we live on. We are making up for lost time, because in the past we haven't really been Earth Day celebrators.

We are working hard to do our part in taking care of this beautiful planet that God has given us, but let me tell you yardwork, gardening, landscaping is not for cowards.
My hands, legs and even arms got all scratched up by the blackberry bushes. And by the end of the day I was limping into the house. I felt old and tired. Tired and old.

I wish I had some before and after pics to show you, but alas, I was out there doing the back breaking work and couldn't be caught with a camera in my hands. There was a "no hands in your pocket" policy on our property that day. Meaning, don't be caught standing idle, too much work to do.

Did I already mention how my old body was in pain after all the hard work? Well it was for sure back-breaking work that I put into this earth. There were projects or pockets here that I started to clean and knew full well while I was doing it that I wouldn't finish that area of earth for some time to come, because there was just too much for little ole' me to do in a day.
My theory is that if we all took care of our spot on planet earth on Earth Day then it would start to look a lot better. And then as our spot is looking greener and cleaner(ha ha ha that rhymed) we might begin to think about what else we could do to contribute to the rest of the spots on planet earth. But the end product is glorious.

Do you, or have you celebrated Earth Day in the past? If yes, what do you do? If no why not?

Happy Earth Day ya'll!


Laura said...

I remember Earth Day being a big deal when I was in elementary school...not since then. Sadly, I generally mark its passing by seeing the new Disney nature documentary they release that day!

No(dot dot)el said...

I really haven't been participating as an adult either until recently like I said. But hey, a new Disney movie now that is a reason to celebrate.

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