Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Hat and Scarf Addiction

My hat and scarf addiction might be a little out of control. I said might. As in, I am not committing. As in, maybe I have problem, maybe I don't.
While my friend Christine was here she mentioned that she might like to help me with said addiction. So, one of the gifts,(besides her beautiful presence,pretty smile, and her witty personality) that my friend Christine gave to me while she was here was her gift of organization, and cleaning.
Some might say she is OCD, but I just think ... well in this house OCD spells GIFT TO ME. Ha ha ha that rhymes. She might also be a smart ass who uses humor to get her point across, as you can clearly see she is mocking me in the above photo.
There may or may not have been some wine involved. WE may have had more fun drinking and dressing up than organizing.
And I might have seen my insanity for a brief moment when she showed me what the back of my head looked like in this hat that I cut a hole in because it looked much cuter that way. As opposed to NOT!!
WE for sure had too much fun as you can clearly see in the pictures, but there were also some really tough moments. For instance, She told me the above hat,"looked like a golfer threw up on my head" to which I called my girls in immediately to set HER straight... and their commentary got worse. It was abusive. I'm still wounded. The hat went in the goodwill pile, after I had a long goodbye with it. Sigh... Well and then moving on, WE got my 2 boxes down to 1. This is HUGE progress for me people. I'm not sure you understand how hard it was to say goodbye to some of my handy dandy hats. But I live in an 800sq ft cabin, there is no room for 2 boxes(let alone even 1) of hats and scarves so I had to make some tough calls.
I was so proud of our accomplishment that when I shared this news with My Giant, he so nicely said, "Great now you can buy some more!" Psshh... what does he know!
I am going to try really hard not to get out of hand in the hat and scarf department again, but I really may very well need a 12 step program for this, because the very next day... I snuck that green golfer vomit hat right out of the pile... shhh... don't tell Chrisine... JUST KIDDING! Although, if I do see someone wearing it around town my heart will have to mourn it's loss all over again. Anyway,For now I took step 1. Get hats and scarves down to 1 gianormous box not 2 √. 11 more steps to go. Thanks Weenie.


Laura said...

Omigosh did this make me laugh. I need a friend like this for my closets! And my gardening shed!

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh good. Love to make people laugh. We had way too much fun. Yep, my friend Christine is a keeper :)

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