Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was a great day!
Not really any details that I can think of besides the weather that made it so great.
 That and that my friend Mindy brought be Starbucks. 
Oh and my kids are happy, and my hubby is amazing. 
My sister is home and I can see her whenever I want.
Oh and we BBQ'd
We have our home, our cupboards are full and life is good.

It was a great day and I am looking forward to this weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This morning was great. I love the Spring like weather that we get to enjoy if only for a few days. It makes everything seem more alive. Maybe I am affected by the weather, but then who isn't?

Great day at work. Then I went shopping at Winco. When I was down the soda isle getting my sparkling water a woman dropped a whole box of soda's and one exploded all over her. I felt so bad and I was really glad that I always carry around a thing of wipes. I am pretty sure even when I don't have little sticky fingers this is something I will still do. At the checkout  I always pretend when I am bagging my own groceries there that I am a grocery store employee and I challenge myself to see how quickly and efficiently I can bag my own groceries. 

Walked to pick the big kids up from school because I can and because I should. It was nice until Isaiah took a digger and because I baby him I carried him all the way home.

Then no one had homework so we played outside for a bit and then we all decided to watch a movie, but what movie could we all agree upon?? It took a minute and a few tears but finally it was decided by popular vote to watch My Girl.  Forgot how sad that movie is. Me and the girls cried and cried and boys just stared at us like we were from another planet. I have a feeling that might happen a lot in our house.

 Brie Cheese dip for dinner. It is that good and that filling!! Kids didn't like it. They thought it taste too much like Blue Cheese which none of them like.  Too bad Mo and I were the only ones who could enjoy this delicacy

Samantha B. came over to get a tattoo on her foot and it turned out beautiful. Made me want one on my foot but I don't think I am brave enough for the foot. I have heard it's a very painful spot. She is sitting like a champ though.

It was a pretty good day, looking forward to tomorrow..... sing along!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I woke to the warmth in my room that has been missing in the mornings since last October.  Our room doesn't get any sunlight at all because of two massive trees that we have in the backyard and so in the winter time we have to use a floor space heater. It was nice this morning to wake up to a little bit warmer room. It makes the whole get up and get going process a little easier.

Preschool was busy this morning but fun. The kids are still learning about what comes out of an egg and we did a fun little game today with finger puppets. We were trying to figure out which animals/sea creatures came out of eggs. There were about 5 of the almost 20 or so puppets that I had no clue about. An octopus, squid, lobster, and 2 others I can' remember. Anyway I sent them home with those kids as  "homework" to find out whether they came out of eggs or not. One of the boys who got one of the puppets was not having it. He wanted nothing to do with homework, I thought to myself some one's older sibling must not like having homework and must speak of it with a vengeance.  

After work it was nice to come home to a clean house due to the fact that I spent countless hours last night organizing and basically keeping myself busy while Mo was on an onsite tattoo job. He has been doing at least 2 to 3 tattoos a week mostly out of our home and mostly in the evenings so I am finding that I am getting a lot done.

I do believe that my dogs have finally mellowed out. I am afraid to even say this because of jinxing it but they are doing better. No trash cans piledged, no running away attempts, no chewed up toys, furniture, or shoes and no accidents for a while. Really, this has been the case for some time now I think I am just now noticing it. One of the kids at preschool today said, " My mom doesn't like pets because they poop all over her backyard" I had to laugh as I told him  "Yep your mom is right they most certainly do." 

Had dinner at a friends tonight. I was so nice just to sit back and relax, watch a movie and not have to do the dishes. Thanks Jeni.

Now I am watching (halfway) Tango and Cash with Mo and getting ready for a bed.

It was a good day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Found out later last night that my mother in law has breast cancer. Sigh, more tears. I am hopeful and prayerful that she will be just fine but all the same it is a shock!! Prayers appreciated. She goes for Surgery next Monday.  I have the day off so I will probably go and see her and try to put on a brave face.

I said goodbye to a friend who is leaving on Thursday with a brand  new baby and a 4 year old to Japan today. Her life is in transition and she is amazing to me. Handling it all in stride.

Called another friend who has not had to work in over, well... her whole life but had to get a job due to recent financial changes. Her and her hubby have not had a paycheck in over a year. I am hopeful that things will all work out for them.

I am making Corned Beef and Hash even though I don't like to claim my Irish I do have some and thought I would celebrate this Irish meal with some great friends.(Turned out oh so good if I do say so myself)

Still trying to think of an idea of how to wear a man's tie fashionably!!

Yelled at my kids, hate when that happens. Quickly said sorry but all the same I just don't like that when I yell and they look at me as though I have become a crazy woman because I have. I am a yeller in my weak moments and I hate this about myself :(

Got a call from a friend who I am going to see very soon and I can hardly wait. I appreciate that she is rearranging her whole weekly life just to squeeze in a few days with me. I haven't flown on an airplane since last year around this time when I went to see sister in Europe. I am a little nervous because of what happened last time I traveled but know I need to get past my fears because there is a whole lot of world left that I want to see.

I am enjoying blogging all this week because of Spring break. I am also enjoy a very clean house because of it as well.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I had a hard time getting my 4 year old out the door this morning. This used to be the sort of thing that would really upset me but as I am getting older and hopefully wiser in this parenting gig I am realizing some things. Sometimes, it's just really not worth it to get all worked up over 5 minutes and really, I mean really it's only 5 minutes.

Preschool - was great as per usual, except one lil friend who wasn't feeling so well, that's always a bummer :(  What a sweetie. Jesus help him feel better.
Today we talked about what comes out of an egg. It was so great and is truly one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to hear 3,4, and 5 year olds use their imaginations. I think it has got to be pretty much one of the greatest things when a 3 year tells you with all their heart, "A Lion comes out of an egg Miss Noel" hmm... really??

Today after school I went to visit my friend Christene who is doing Chemo right now for however long to battle brain cancer once again. It was great to see her and just chill for a visit. After leaving I thought of how amazing she is. What a fighter that girl is. So grateful for her friendship in my life. Love that girl. Jesus help her through this time. Tears. Sigh.

Then I went to pick up my big kids after school and they wanted to go to the school's book fair. I just can't resist cheap books. Makes me think of the line in You've Got Mail, " Of course they are going to love us we will sell them cheap books and legal stimulants!"

Then I got a phone call today that was so nice. It was after picking up kids from school. After we were settled here at home with some new books. After we had just had our homemade, yummy chocolate chip cookies for snack and my cell rings.

I knew who it was because of the ring tone. It's a song, " I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl" it was my boyfriend calling to tell me he wanted to cook dinner. 

Life is good even on a Monday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old People

Life is so strange. I wonder if I will ever get to a place where I understand fully this amazing place we get to occupy for a short time.
 I look at 80 year olds with envy. They have a sense of calm and peacefulness about them that I long for. They are no longer working on figuring things out. They seem like they have some things locked into their subconsciousness that helps them to get by.
I wonder if it is knowing how quickly indeed our time is here that helps them to get by with the day to day small stuff. 
I wonder if it's having to say goodbye to that one person they never thought they would be able to live without.
I wonder if it's that they have experienced so much and see with their own eyes, there is nothing new under the sun.
I understand this is not all older people but a great majority that I have known seem to be a bit like this in some way.
It saddens me greatly that now that I am of an age where I could really appreciate my grandparents they are no longer with me. I am remembering to appreciate what I do have still which are my parents. 
A good friend of mine lost her father a few weeks ago and I just think it really is so strange to be at a phase in life where I am worried about how much time I have left with people who gave me life. I don't like this. I wish I could skip this painful part of life , but then I look at all those who have gone before me in this area and see that they have survived. I know I will be okay. I know Jesus will help me but in the mean time I want to cherish the moments, not just in word but indeed, in DEED!!
Life and all it's seasons is strange.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The New Fashion Challenge from my friend Tasha

your fashion mission for march - (SO EASY i think)

to incorporate a man's tie into your daily wear and take a photo. 

**Come on ladies you can do this with me if you want and she gave prizes last time so just a little FYI - they were good prizes.

if you want her email to send your pics i will give it to you and then you can check 

my vw friends for last months blog post that she put up.

This one is going to be fun but I can't decide to wear it the normal manly way or as a bow in my hair, hmm.....??

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Life, Laughing, Loving, Crying, and Music

I hate when I don't really have time to really blog. My post have been lame at best in my estimations, (except for my fashion week of course that was just plain fun AND for which I received and awesome prize) and it really does have to do with the fact that my brain is fried. 
When I finally do have the time to sit down and articulate a thought or two they all seem to just run together. This afternoon I still have a few more hours that I need to log into my math course before 11pm but I am taking a break to blog.

I started thinking about the last few weeks and how busy they have been and it has made me realize some things. I like to do a lot of things and have a hard time saying no to myself  until it hits me in the alone time department and then I wonder why I did that to myself again. Does anyone even know what I am saying?
 Basically, I am just saying there are not enough hours in the day and I hate being confined to the 24 that I am given.

This week while driving into to work I thought about my mom and started to get all choked up. I don't think that I could've  possibly appreciated my mom or dad more until I became a mom and realized some things. Anyway, I called her to just say that I loved her and that I am glad she is still on the other end to call and say that to. For those of us who still have our parents, remember there will come a day when they won't be there on the other end so seize the day and call your mom and dad just to tell them you love them.

Today I got really emotional after church thinking about my good friend Natalie and her hubby Chris, and baby V moving so far away. It just really makes me sad. I have been having many conversations to the Lord about this for weeks but alas, I know in my heart they are in good care. I just wish that they could have remained being cared for HERE!! Still, I know that I will keep in touch. There are some friends that just come and go but these are not those kinda friends for me. Natalie is a gem, truly like a little sister and I will miss her greatly. We will see each other when our book gets published though and when we  go on a book tour and so there is that :)

A good friend a while back said that I shouldn't hold back the tears. That a good cry is a good thing. I am feeling that lately when I need to cry the tears are readily available, but when I need to laugh.....I laugh so loud I scare myself and those around me. 

One final thought, they need to make a musical movie like ; Across the Universe, Mama Mia that uses the Cures music- don't ya think??

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