Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Found out later last night that my mother in law has breast cancer. Sigh, more tears. I am hopeful and prayerful that she will be just fine but all the same it is a shock!! Prayers appreciated. She goes for Surgery next Monday.  I have the day off so I will probably go and see her and try to put on a brave face.

I said goodbye to a friend who is leaving on Thursday with a brand  new baby and a 4 year old to Japan today. Her life is in transition and she is amazing to me. Handling it all in stride.

Called another friend who has not had to work in over, well... her whole life but had to get a job due to recent financial changes. Her and her hubby have not had a paycheck in over a year. I am hopeful that things will all work out for them.

I am making Corned Beef and Hash even though I don't like to claim my Irish I do have some and thought I would celebrate this Irish meal with some great friends.(Turned out oh so good if I do say so myself)

Still trying to think of an idea of how to wear a man's tie fashionably!!

Yelled at my kids, hate when that happens. Quickly said sorry but all the same I just don't like that when I yell and they look at me as though I have become a crazy woman because I have. I am a yeller in my weak moments and I hate this about myself :(

Got a call from a friend who I am going to see very soon and I can hardly wait. I appreciate that she is rearranging her whole weekly life just to squeeze in a few days with me. I haven't flown on an airplane since last year around this time when I went to see sister in Europe. I am a little nervous because of what happened last time I traveled but know I need to get past my fears because there is a whole lot of world left that I want to see.

I am enjoying blogging all this week because of Spring break. I am also enjoy a very clean house because of it as well.


Plucky said...

Life really seems crazy right now . . .

noel said...
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noel said...
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noel said...

Yes it is pretty crazy. Reminds of the Ozzy song, Crazy Train.

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