Thursday, March 19, 2009


This morning was great. I love the Spring like weather that we get to enjoy if only for a few days. It makes everything seem more alive. Maybe I am affected by the weather, but then who isn't?

Great day at work. Then I went shopping at Winco. When I was down the soda isle getting my sparkling water a woman dropped a whole box of soda's and one exploded all over her. I felt so bad and I was really glad that I always carry around a thing of wipes. I am pretty sure even when I don't have little sticky fingers this is something I will still do. At the checkout  I always pretend when I am bagging my own groceries there that I am a grocery store employee and I challenge myself to see how quickly and efficiently I can bag my own groceries. 

Walked to pick the big kids up from school because I can and because I should. It was nice until Isaiah took a digger and because I baby him I carried him all the way home.

Then no one had homework so we played outside for a bit and then we all decided to watch a movie, but what movie could we all agree upon?? It took a minute and a few tears but finally it was decided by popular vote to watch My Girl.  Forgot how sad that movie is. Me and the girls cried and cried and boys just stared at us like we were from another planet. I have a feeling that might happen a lot in our house.

 Brie Cheese dip for dinner. It is that good and that filling!! Kids didn't like it. They thought it taste too much like Blue Cheese which none of them like.  Too bad Mo and I were the only ones who could enjoy this delicacy

Samantha B. came over to get a tattoo on her foot and it turned out beautiful. Made me want one on my foot but I don't think I am brave enough for the foot. I have heard it's a very painful spot. She is sitting like a champ though.

It was a pretty good day, looking forward to tomorrow..... sing along!!


scoey-d said...

A day where all the kids have ZERO homework truly is a good day...

My Girl... kills me. Its forbidden at my house. Made the mistake of seeing it once. Never again. Give me Home Alone over & over instead.

Erica said...

I've never seen My Girl... I heard what it was about and decided to side step it. Maybe when I'm feeling emo (a borrowed phrase from Jeni ;), I'll brave to watch it.

noel said...

oh man Louie- it is a TEAR JERKER!! I remembered it was sad but didn't realize we three girls would need a whole box of tissue to get through it.

erica- maybe you should take our word for it, it is Sad with a capital S. yes, a emo movie for surwa!

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