Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I woke to the warmth in my room that has been missing in the mornings since last October.  Our room doesn't get any sunlight at all because of two massive trees that we have in the backyard and so in the winter time we have to use a floor space heater. It was nice this morning to wake up to a little bit warmer room. It makes the whole get up and get going process a little easier.

Preschool was busy this morning but fun. The kids are still learning about what comes out of an egg and we did a fun little game today with finger puppets. We were trying to figure out which animals/sea creatures came out of eggs. There were about 5 of the almost 20 or so puppets that I had no clue about. An octopus, squid, lobster, and 2 others I can' remember. Anyway I sent them home with those kids as  "homework" to find out whether they came out of eggs or not. One of the boys who got one of the puppets was not having it. He wanted nothing to do with homework, I thought to myself some one's older sibling must not like having homework and must speak of it with a vengeance.  

After work it was nice to come home to a clean house due to the fact that I spent countless hours last night organizing and basically keeping myself busy while Mo was on an onsite tattoo job. He has been doing at least 2 to 3 tattoos a week mostly out of our home and mostly in the evenings so I am finding that I am getting a lot done.

I do believe that my dogs have finally mellowed out. I am afraid to even say this because of jinxing it but they are doing better. No trash cans piledged, no running away attempts, no chewed up toys, furniture, or shoes and no accidents for a while. Really, this has been the case for some time now I think I am just now noticing it. One of the kids at preschool today said, " My mom doesn't like pets because they poop all over her backyard" I had to laugh as I told him  "Yep your mom is right they most certainly do." 

Had dinner at a friends tonight. I was so nice just to sit back and relax, watch a movie and not have to do the dishes. Thanks Jeni.

Now I am watching (halfway) Tango and Cash with Mo and getting ready for a bed.

It was a good day.


Erica said...

glad your day was good. Sure do appreciate all the creativity you put into teaching at Little Lites :)

noel said...

I enjoy my time there so much that it doesn't even feel like a job. I could spend countless hours there planning and prepping just to know that it will all be worth in the end when the kids are happy with what they have made.
Morgan is so great. She reminds me of Boo from Monsters Inc. She has got some pretty good friends already too which is so cute to see.

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