Thursday, January 01, 2009

My mom's socks box

Tonight while cleaning up Christmas and New Year events and also doing lots of laundry all day, I was remembering something that my mom used to do with socks. In our house there was 6 of us and then 7, at one point more than that depending on how many people my mom invited to live with us at the time. Anyway, that's besides the point of my blog here. 
My mom used to keep a socks box for all the mismatched socks. It was generally found in the hall closet with the towels and all the other general population items of the Pellant house , like toilet paper ,towels, and such. I remember when I was younger that this socks box was the source of either great discontent or satisfaction depending on whether or not I found the sock I was looking for. I remember when I was younger being so frustrated with my mom for not knowing where all the socks were in the whole house. How could she put just one sock in my room without the other. How could she not know where everything was at all times. I thought when I was younger that this socks box was more just her laziness in not putting all our socks together and in our room. Why couldn't she have put them all neatly in my drawer folded together and organized like all the other mom's did? Why did she just throw all the socks in the box and call it a day??
Funny how your perspective changes as you age, have children of your own, and have done thousands upon thousands of loads of laundry. A little perspective is always a good thing.
Tonight while sorting and cleaning I thought, my mom was a genius she had a place for the most annoying things on the planet = mismatched socks. 
There is no moral to this story other than I have done some growing up(at least I think I have) and have now a new perspective on my mom's socks box. 
I will now have one of my own. 
I hope my kids will think the same of me someday as I do of my mom right now.


slogoin' vws said...

so where do all the missing socks go?

Chemane said...

I am so very excited to bring you JT's bag-o-socks. I counted, there are 17 pair (matching pair) of practically brand new no-show socks. JT refuses to wear them because the seam "Bugs". I finally have given up trying to make him wear them and am even more excited to give them to the Scofield boys, especially with the socks box in place. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Jeni said...

This sounds like a much better idea than my dad's obsessive numbering of his socks which results in a scavenger hunt for the missing "number twelve" or whatever it may be...

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