Wednesday, January 07, 2009


My daughter Chloe has always been the most sensitive child I own : ) Ever since the day we were bringing her home from the hospital and she started crying when we put her in the car seat, we knew she was not going to be the Tigger type personality that her older sister Emma had. When she was a baby and I would sing this little sweet song to her with her name in it, she would slowly pucker up and cry. I would have thought is was my voice if it weren't for having Emma who loved my singing. The music would make her cry. She would cry from loud noises, scary faces, happy faces with loud voices, you name it, she would more often than  not be found crying. She was also the only one of my four who became very attached to her blanket that she tenderly named her "Monkey", don't ask me why there was no monkey on the thing anywhere. 
Well through the 8 years of this sweet ones life we have had more than one occasion of having to sit her down and tell her that, "Everything is going to be okay, nobody died, take a deep breath, re-group" those kinds of things you say to calm a child down who is irrationally upset over something as silly as dropping her toothbrush on the floor. Although, now that I know her better dropping her toothbrush on the floor IS a big deal. She is a bit of a clean freak and by that I mean, she is cleaner than me.
Anyway, I am extremely upset tonight over the fact that of all the kids I have, with all their varied personalities, she is the one who seems to end up with the short end of the stick when it comes to mean kids who say mean things.
She has been told before that she has "Dumbo ears" that she is "Fat" and who knows what else that has been said to her that she doesn't tell me about.
Tonight we had to have a discussion again about how beautiful she is and how perfect her Heavenly Father has made her. It  just makes me so pissed off that I have to combat such ugly words spoken over her so early. It makes me angry for the lies that come from the "Father of lies" right from the get go to come against us. 
It reminds me of a children's story written by Max Lucado. It's about the Wemmick's and how they go around sticking either stars or dots on everyone depending on whether they are a "good" Wemmick or not. Dots for not, stars for good. It's a great book called, You Are Special. The main character Punchinello is not a "good" Wemmick so he has lots of dots. Until one day he meets a girl who surprisingly has no stickers at all, dots or stars, she has nothing. When he asks her why she doesn't have any stickers she says it's because she goes to meet with her maker Eli everyday and then the stickers just don't stick.
It also makes me realize that my Lo Lo is one amazing young lady who has had to fight hard for her little life already and that makes me think some really great, great things are in store for her. My prayer is that her heart will somehow hear stronger and louder the voice of her maker and that she will hear the truth from Him.


laura said...

This makes me soooo sad... I will be praying for her too.
On another note, Isabella names all of her baby dolls Chloe after your daughter:)

noel said...

Laura thank you I really posted this for that reason. It takes a village man.
I will promptly tell Chloe that about Isabella cause that will just make her day.

Plucky said...

I too feel your pain . . . One of the toughest things to deal with is when our children are attacked. Please give Chloe our love too and tell her Grace says, "hi".

Erica said...

I be praying that God will give Chloe inner strength to know the truth when those mean words come at her.

As you were describing her as a baby that is exactly how Caden is becoming. A strange voice a loud noise he starts to cry. It's precious that he is so attune

noel said...

Will do Tim. Thank you and have safe trip.
Thanks for the prayers Erica. It is amazing how you can start to see their personalties emerge so young.

Murdoc said...

That sucks. Baby Todd was playing with friends the other day. I think it's pretty fun to watch. But, I also know kids as I am/was one. We say horrible stuff. I caught myself thinking & being sad about the stuff that my kid will have to go through. I guess it's part of life & I can only love, support, & point her to truth.

digapigmy said...

that sucks. i wish my youngest was a little less sensitive for all those reasons. i really see a lot of me in kids like that. until i was about 15, i was so paralyzed by the fear that someone somewhere wouldn't like me that i just stayed in my room or hung out with a couple friends that i felt i could trust. i wish there was a way to convince kids that it's not the way to go.

noel said...

Ben- truly it is one of the hardest things of parenting to navigate. you wanna go kill the kids but then you remember they are just kids and nobody probably taught them otherwise.
Brent- it's good to know that your sensitivity as a kid has as a grown helped you be aware of other kids like that. they need an advocate like you. i was always the defender of the kids who got picked on in school. i remember my friend julie who was really badly overweight and picked on all the time , i got in a fight with a boy who was picking on her so much and i got tired of it. kinda funny when i think back on that now.

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