Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in pictures- The next 4 posts

If I had to pick my all time favorite picture from the whole year it would be this one.  It is of Papa Tom and his buddy Isaiah. These two together are heaven on earth to me. They are a dynamic duo.  The rest of the pics in this post are my favorite scenery pics of the year.

The next 4 post are my life in pictures in 2008. Well, some of my life in pictures. I hope you enjoy. I know going through them reminded me of some very important things. 
1- Time goes by fast, truly it does
2- People are so very important
3- God is good, that will never change
4- Don't forget to enjoy what you have, don't forget to play
Here's to the New Year!!


Plucky said...

Great pictures, thoughts and observations . . . Thank you for sharing your life!

Jeni said...

It makes me so happy when you post pictures. I love you and your beautiful family! Happy New Year!

Chemane said...

I love your pictures, and I love how you share your beautiful words to go with your pictures!

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