Monday, January 12, 2009


I have decided to simplify. I started a few weeks back when I couldn't wait to be done with school just so that I could clean my house, and it hasn't stopped.  I am now getting rid of all these items that I have way too much of; Bowls, Mugs, Shoes, Clothes, Home Decor, Toys, toys, and more toys, more clothes, Sheets and blankets, Little trinkets that I hate dusting, Decorative Plates, All household items that I haven't used in over a year, and Picture frames.
IF there is anything that is on that list you are in need of please let me know otherwise by the end of this month it will be given to Savers. I just brought three GIANORMOUS  bags there today and it felt so good.
Part of my need for simplifying was because I just need to get my house clean after a semester of just being consumed with school, work, and everything else BUT my house. Part of my need to simplify is also because with 6 people in any household under 2000 sq. feet you just have to keep it simple. My house is only 1698 sq. feet and you better believe we use every inch and are grateful for every inch. And finally the last reason for this ever pressing need to simplify is because of a recent article I read in O magezine, (yes I know I already mentioned the magazine before but hey, it was a good one) it was titled , Back to Basics and it was about all these people who are becoming minimalist's by choice. I know (unlike my sister Jenny) that I will probably never truly achieve this state of being but, that doesn't mean that I am not going to die trying.
So Jen- I am right there with ya. I am trying to pretend that if I was moving right now how much of the crap that I have accumulated over the past almost 4 years in this house, would I be getting rid of. Then I am also getting rid of all things that I don't truly need, use, or otherwise really value enough to be taking up some of my precious space.


Erica said...

ooh! could I look through some picture frames? :)....I hear you when you talk about needing to de-clutter your house cause the size demands it. It's a necessity if you don't want to be buried alive with everyone's stuff! :)

I enjoyed seeing you and the girls on Sunday. Your girls really are becoming beautiful women.

Trista said...

Good for you. I will see if I know anyone. I usually do know people who can use those things. when does school start up again?

jami said...

you wouldn't be giving away any furniture now would you? ;)

Every Nation Jen said...

I'm still trying to pretend I'm a minimalist. :D grrrgh. This is tough work.

noel said...

Erica- anytime you want to come and look at the frames let me know. Any that you want you can have.
Trista- great thanks.
Jami- Yes, we are looking to give away a queen size bed frame and mattress, a desk and chair and a we found people for the other things we are getting rid of.
Jen- it's okay, i think compared to every other average american you are soooooo a minimalist anyways.

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