Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moments Captured in 2008 (cont.)

There is nothing quite like family. It takes a village they say to raise a child and the village above here and below are what I am thankful for because I have 4 children to raise. SO does that mean that I get 4 villages?
My mom and dad are some of the greatest people on this planet. I am not just saying this because they are my parents. Truly, they are really cool people and I hope this year I make a priority to spend more time with them because I want to not because it's expected around holidays but just because days.
There is nothing better in life than new life. This precious little person our nieces baby Isabella was for sure a highlight in 2008.  When I met my hubby Mo his sister's daughter Kay was only 4 years old, Isaiah's age. Now she is a mom. 

Jordan Lear makes me smile. What precious person this little boy is. His heart is HUGE. I again am so grateful for my kids friends.

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