Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite moments captured from 2008

This picture at the top is one of my all time favorites from the year. It reminds me of course of the journey of the Wizard of Oz and the journey that group of unlikely strangers faced. They soon became friends and defeated their greatest enemies together. Each realizing that the greatest enemy was just themselves. Reflecting back on the year past can be dangerous but this morning as I sit here and go through all the moments captured in 2008 I am reminded of my friends and family that have come along side me. I am blessed beyond measure with the greatest treasures life has to offer. People. The people in my life young and old are my gifts that I will take into this new year with a complete gratitude not taking even one for granted.

I have so much to be thankful for. If even one person in this life knows you, really knows you that is a blessing. So many people are lonely in this world that is full of fear right now. I am not alone. That is a good feeling. To know and be known is what it's all about so that at the end of it all you are not alone left in a room with all the stuff that can clutter and distract a life from the most important treasures, People.

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Bean said...

I am glad you arent alone in this world. love the pic of sav and chloe so sweet. sav wants to type:qkhehlbb iopjbg b6rrrrrresiuuu

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