Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Nights Before Christmas

Twas a few nights before Christmas 
when all through our house
Every person was puking 
With the flu no doubt
The laundry is piling up ever so high
and although I am exhausted
I am not getting any shut eye
It started with one as I heard the disturbance
I sprang from my bed to see this occurrence
It's happened before this ugly old bug
So I went to my duties without even a shrug
Changing  sheets, blankets, and clothes
These are the nights every parent soon knows
Each child has a bowl now and will until morning
Be puking and praying without any snoring
My eyes are getting sleepy, I would like to retire
But wait I must again go put out another puke fire.
So as you snuggle close so warm in your bed
Be thankful it's not your house, this house of dread
Don't mean to be a Bah hum bug as I sign off for the night
Merry Puking Christmas to all and To all (BUT me) 
A Good Night!!


Jen in Budapest said...

OMG Noel I laughed SOOO hard, but not at your expense. I am SOOOO sorry!! That really stinks (probably literally). Oh the Joy of being a parent. Jesus help@!

Erica said...

oh my. that doesn't sound fun. My sympathy, Noel :(

laura said...

That is horrible! I know your pain oh too well. I am assuming that today is canceled...
But, your poem is priceless!!! awesome!!!

noel said...

Yes, Laura all parties are off until further notice. What a bummer huh!!
They are all resting and ate some dry cereal this morning we shall see how that goes.
Jen- I am glad you got a good laugh. That's why I posted it because if I didn't laugh about it I would be crying. SO gross!!

TPluckyT said...

Reminds me of a few classic Christmas songs . . .

Rudolph the Vomit-Mouthed Reindeer

Grandma Got "Ralphed" on by a Reindeer

Not so Silent Night

Oh Toilet Night

Chestnuts Nauseous by an Open Pot

slogoin' vws said...

that's great, the story that is, not the facts! i hope all is well for your new year! hugs and kisses from tasha and family!

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