Monday, December 08, 2008

Relief never felt so sweet

A huge weight was lifted for me tonight. Finishing my Health and Nutrition class , (the only science class I have to take for my degree) was like relieving 35% of a panic attack for this seriously stressed out girl. 
One class down , two more to go. 
Tomorrow wraps up another class and then I have until Sunday to finish my other online course. 
I have already registered for next semester and just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. I was talking to a friend the other day about what it feels like to be in school in this stage in life and I have to say that it is best described as the feeling of heightened awareness you have with a newborn baby. Like you are constantly going in and checking on them to see if they are still breathing. This is like that, you are ever aware of the fact that whatever free time you have really isn't real free time , you should be doing something. Studying, writing, submitting, etc....OR Mothering, cleaning, cleaning, Cooking, did I mention cleaning. I can't wait to deep clean my house.
All I can say is that this winter break is so needed and I think I might just look forward to cleaning my house for the first time EVER!!
I can hardly wait to get back to blogging. Some of the topics that have been rolling around in my head-
-Busy work, for example the government workers who ripped up my whole sidewalk only to replace a few pipes in a few places but managed to inconvenience all 20 of my neighbors for 2 weeks.
-Pets(enough said)
-Careers why we choose certain life paths over others
-Life as a normal "lay" person, what is that anyway? Seriously!!
-Why in all the years I have been married to my husband did I never realize how accommodating he is, marriage at this stage, and life ahead
-Books, my book, your book, and what book I should read next ( for enjoyment that is)
-Kids(enough said)
-Needs versus Wants- What I am and am not willing to live without at this stage in life.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg for my blog topics so get ready for some good Christmas reading at least on my blog site  :0 


laura said...

This is so funny because yesterday, all I could think of is how I can't wait to deep clean my house at the end of this week! I mean, jay has been doing great, but I need to scrub! I never in my entire life thought I would have that desire!

noel said...

i know it's crazy. i told my sister gina yesterday you know it's bad when i want to clean. i am not a deep cleaner by nature but man alive am i ready to dust, deep clean, organize, get rid of lots of stuff. here's to a nice long winter break.
we are almost there.
i also can't wait to blog a bit more and read a non-school book.
i thought of another blog topic, the stories of Roach my nail lady and what she tells me. those are going to make for some really good blog material.
here's to you friend , you can do it!!

Erica said...

Hurray! no more health classes. I'm looking forward to some good reading from your blog then ;)

Jeni said...

I am so excited for these blog posts! They should be interesting reads. And a desire to deep clean? Sick! :P

digapigmy said...

nice! today is lolita's last day of school. she only needs a 35% on her math final to pass, so she's feeling pretty good.

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