Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ode to my Sister Jen

My older sister Jenny accomplished what many, many people would never attempt on a good day- she has finished and finished well, her first triathlon.  When I read her update and saw the pics of her on her blog I cried. I read it again to my kiddos and again I cried. I am getting awful emotional in my old age. I just cannot even begin to say how proud I am of her for this. I remember when she was home last summer and the thought first crossed her mind to do this. She just was looking for something to keep her motivated to exercise and also something to keep her busy since she knew she wouldn't be home for a year.  So what does one do when needing a hobby, or motivation to exercise- but of course sign up to do a tri !! She is an inspiration to me in more ways than one and here's to her job well done. Jenny I love you and as your lil sis I couldn't have a better friend to look up to. You ROCK!!


Erica said...

wow, a tri. That's really amazing. Hats off to Jen

shontell said...

I cried, too. sigh. I am so proud of her. Plus, she is cute. Some of those athletic types lose their girliness, but she is still a hottie. LUCKY.

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