Friday, July 25, 2008

A workout during worship

My calves are sore. I must have walked up and down the Old Oak Ranch camp hill at least 100 times in the last week or so. But, that is not why my calves are sore, they are aching from jumping up and down during worship this week. I can't remember when this last happened to me but it reminds me of many moons ago when I was young and every worship time I had , even privately was an athletic event. 
There is something truly special about gathering together with perfect strangers for one purpose, to worship Jesus.  It is even more special when 99% of those people are in their teens and have a whole new way to worship, an expression completely original, untainted, and not at all apprehended by their peers around them. 

To hear 300 plus teenagers worshiping Jesus in every way possible and every way imaginable , with all their beautiful gifts of expression is something I truly , truly enjoy. 
God I pray for more and more freedom in worship in days ahead. I pray for all those incredibly gifted teenagers who are world changers to continue to use their gifts and talents for you and you alone.  I pray that I won't soon forget that you are worthy of worship like this. And I am thankful to you Jesus for this wonderful week.

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Jen in Budapest said...

Awesome sis!! I am going to be in a similar situation next week but it will be in Hungarian. Should be really great actually!! I love hearing YOUNG poeple worship God in their language!

Can you believe that girl Milicia found us on facebook. Adorable. Believing for her.

OK so you were making me laugh while calling worhsip times an athletic event. funny.

Also, I have so many memories. But THESE are the good old days and I'm also crying out to God for that heart of worship to sustain through all the changes coming my way.

LOVE YOU. I'm gonna call Zed soon to wish him Birthday props....Can't wait to catch up. Love you.

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