Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Isaiah Gregory Quote

Today when I sent Isaiah to timeout he said to me -
Zay- "Mom you need to say what Gwamma Ellen says to me"
Me- "Really what's that ?"
Zay- "She says to me, Isaiah you need to sit an wa flect"
Me- "Reflect, huh what does that mean?
Zay- "It means to sit on my belly"
Me- Laughing, "Well you sit there and do alot of reflecting and I will tell you when you can get up"

Nice try mom but he really didn't get that Montessori lesson :)


TPluckyT said...

That is priceless . . .

laura said...

Love it:) He must be a hard one to punish, those big blue eyes and those cute little quotes:)

shontell said...

ahahaa cute. My scary quote of the week comes from Addison of course. "Mom, can I have some cream of meat?" ew ew ew ew

noel said...

Tim-Yeah, he was on a roll yesterday. He had another quote that was pretty good again last night.

Laura- you know as well as I do that cute kids are only as cute as their behavior coincides with cuteness, so to answer your question, yes it is hard to punish him which is probably why he is can be such a's not that he is so cute as he is extremely funny to me all the time. it won't be cute or funny in a few more years though, and that is what i am trying to remind myself of.
shontell-hee hee pretty funny

Erica said...

man, I would have a hard time keeping a straight face with that remark. :)

Jen in Budapest said...

i could just squeeze that kid right now. What are the birthday plans for him??

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