Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just some random thoughts

When I went grocery shopping last night I had a pretty big revelation about God. It's one of those ones that you can't really explain and I am hoping I am not the only one who knows what I am talking about. Something like, trying to explain what love is or how it feels , you can make attempts at it but it really never suffices. It was good to hear something from Him. Sometimes He can be really quiet.

Then I went for a 4 mile walk around the marina very late and realized some more profound thoughts. I love having friends that I can openly talk with, about everything. Sometimes for whatever reason I have felt like I have had a muzzle on my mouth and with the closest friends this shouldn't be. You should always be able to talk openly with close friends. Don't you agree?

Today is my sister Gina and Izzy's third wedding anniversary, and every time I hear the song, Whoa Amber is the Color of your Energy(this is not the songs title just some words from it).... I think of them. In fact last time that song came on Solomon said, "Hey, that song is from Gina and Izzy's wedding, I wish we could go back to that day." I know what he means, some days are just locked in the treasure chest of time as so beautiful and that is one of them. Congratulations you guys, you are a beautiful family.

The summer is half way over and this just makes me terribly sad. I am not one of those moms who can't wait for their kids to go back to school. I LOVE having my kiddos home. I love that we can all sleep in and basically do whatever we want everyday of the summer. I think this is why teaching will be the ideal job for me because I can continue to have my summers off with my children and enjoy every second.

Speaking of teaching - I am actually beginning to get excited about going back to teaching again. I love teaching little people that is. I don't do as well with the bigger people, or at least I don't consider myself a teacher of bigger people because I am always learning from them instead of the other way around.

Well, that is all the random thoughts for today folks. Enjoy. Leave some love.


shontell said...

You know, you almost sound like you want to homeschool. I am just saying, I know some people ;)

noel said...

Ummm...yeah, no!! The pressure of being soley responsible for one more thing with these 4 lil people would just about send me over the edge, besides I think I would be very unmotivated about getting us all out of bed until like 11am everyday and that is just no bueno!!

Bean said...

Thanks Noel for the congratulations, now we are almost 7yrs married (and i think we should celebrate it like a 10yr cause you know how i love 7)! So much has changed since you wrote this blog. Like how you no longer want to be a teacher and now you have 3 in double digits (cra cra)! sav wants to type: hcksc475trfgfggfdgdfsghddfgdhggfyufrvbnbnvjkhsvhsgkfjgfrgt yruuuh bngnnnnnghsgfutyhgfqswqghfwaswgajkhfhhhhhhhhriue=========gter6e54477474712trv46r64t6][][][yhyt000023bd0djkbhdgrgdcgvrfbfrcgbvnggp

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