Thursday, February 15, 2007

My first essay of this semester

I turned in my first essay of the semester tonight and I think I started to get a panic attack in class. Not really, but I was a little nervous to turn this one in. My teacher is really great and I think I will do fine but something about writing is like baring a little piece of your soul out there for the world to see. I shouldn't be so nervous because I do that everyday or almost everyday here on my blogspot but this is different.
Our first topic to write about was a day that changed your life forever and what you learned from it. Can anyone guess what I might have written about? Prizes will be given to the winners :)
Now I am going to go listen to some Billie Holiday and relax, pat myself on the back and relax some more.


Jeni said...

I would have to guess the day you met Moses

TPluckyT said...

The birth of your first born?

Jami Harder said...

jesus.. ok what's my prize?? =o)
i know what you mean. when i turned in my papers for class i always got an anxious feeling in my gut. i like people to read my writings, but at the same time i get nervous of what they might think or respond with. but it's all good. i am sure you did great!

shontell said...

The day you got to stop stalking Mo and start dating him instead.

noel said...

So the winner is JENI!! It was the day I first layed eyes on my handsome hubby when I was only a sophmore in bible study and how that one day changed the course of my life.
So Jeni when can I give you your prize?

Janet G. Brown said...

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