Monday, February 26, 2007

So Excited!!

My friend Shontell is on Wheel of Fortune tonight so be sure to watch. She's the beautiful, smart girl with the curly black hair who wins the big bucks.
I wasn't going to be able to watch this live and then due to the snow , I will be enjoying this total entertainment along with everyone else.
Don't miss it , you will be sorry if you do.


TPluckyT said...

I just read this 30 seconds before it starts. Thanks for blogging a reminder!

little debi said...

me and petey watched it last nite! goood times. we were clapping for her, i dont think she heard us though.....wooooot gooo shontell!

Jen Pell said...

she left me a reminder, but I'm here in Hungary. Um, yeah. I don't get Wheel of Fortune, unfortunately. So, was she fortunate and did she win?

noel said...

tim- really, sweet!!
debi- wasn't it great? it was like it was happening right then and there.
jen-she was fortunate and the funniest thing was watching my kiddos get so excited and jealous for her when the other contestants were winning. i have to say that she was incredibly quick and funny as usual. so proud of her!!

shontell said...

YAY!! thanks for putting me on your blog lol! Jen I have a copy of course. You will have to come "ovah foo-ah co-wfie and watch with me" say this just like your mutha would say it :) I loved that my baby kept kissing the tv everytime he saw me lol. then grunted "mamma, mamma" too cute!!

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