Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let it Rain

I hate weather days like today, where the sky is filled to overflowing with rain clouds but there is no rain!! Let it RAIN already!! It's like being promised something without the promise maker coming through or like someone you start to fall back on and they let you go instead of catching you. Dropping straight to the floor is no fun. I don't usually notice the weather as much but I have been praying for moisture since last week. I want my lawn to be green this summer ya know.
Yesterday was one of the warmest winter weather days that I can remember so what does that tell you about my effectiveness in prayers(just kidding). I noticed though that my mood yesterday was bright and cheery and I got a lot done around here. Did anyone else notice that you were happier yesterday because of the sun than you are today because of the clouds? They have a diagnosis for this as they do for almost everything now. I don't think that is what is wrong with me because I want it to rain , whereas someone with this weather condition, syndrome thingy would probably want it to be sunny all the time. Not me. I like the clouds so long as they provide something but when they are just there covering up the sun and not doing anything at all , forget it!! Who knew you could make up a whole blog about the weather.


digapigmy said...

how about that weather, noel?

David said...
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David said...

If you knew some Indians (Corn, not curry), maybe you could have them put in a call to the great spirit through some sweet dancing in questionable footwear.

debi said...

i like the weather we have been having. i like that it hasn't been so cold in the morning. i usually go walking at 6am, but when it is in the single digits i have decided its too cold. i stopped for a short time, but i have started again since it has been warmer. i would like some rain though.

Jeni said...

I love rain. I kind of glare at all of the people who beg for snow on the valley floor because I really don't like snow, but rain I can do. Rain makes me happy--the smell, the sound as it hits the ground, the way that everything seems to glow just a little afterward. I am thankful for the rain.

Jen Pell said...

so how was the weather in tahoe this weekend? funny but your weather sounds like the weather here. It is amazing how some sunshine (vitamin C) can bring a sense of strength for your tasks at hand and a bit of joy. I much prefer the sunlight to the rain, though I know both are necessary.

noel said...

diga- ha ha ha
david- ha ha ha ha
debi- determined you are in walking that early. kudos to you.
jeni- you might belong in oregon or washinton with an attitude like that
jen pell- it makes me smile just to type that- jen pell- okay sorry that was just a side note :) funny that you asked about the weather in tahoe this weekend because it actually rained quite a bit and snowed on the last night. it was fabulous as were the views.

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