Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For my determined purpose is.....

I read something the other day that triggered this blog. If you were to finish the sentence, "For my determined purpose is....." what would the end of it say?
I thought long and hard about this and I came up with some interesting answers. There are not many things in this life that I am determined about but there are a few.
The answer to the end of this sentence is basically your lifes goal. If you could accomplish only one thing and at the end of your life it would be what you were remembered for what would that be?
My mom has this saying that she has told me since I was little and that is, "You have to do whatever makes your heart sing." What makes your heart sing? That is what you should be doing and if you are not then you have to rework your lifes plan of action. All of us have something within us that gets really excited , really alive by certain things and that to me is what makes your heart sing. These things are not usually what pay the bills but they can be but if they are not then how can we incorporate them into our daily jobs that pay the bills. It is sad to me that I can honestly say I don't know very many people who are doing what makes thier heart sing. Why is that? Is it that we lay down those things when we become adults, parents, or the responsible ones. HOG WASH!! I think we are all capable of incorporating our lifes passions into our everyday lives we just have to think outside the box.
It reminds me of when I was working at the psych/detox center at Carson Tahoe Hospital. This was certainly not a job that I would place in the catergory of making my heart sing and yet God gave me oppurtunity to use my particular gifts in that place. In fact, when I was given that oppurtunity to use my gifts there it soon became one of my fondest memories and most amazing growth times in my life.
I think this sentence is like our lifes thesis statement. Once you know what that is you can write the rest of your essay. Once you know your lifes thesis statement you can write the rest of your life around that.


TPluckyT said...
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TPluckyT said...

I'll forgo all the noble responses like raising my children to be Christ followers and making my wife sexually exhausted, and state my purely selfish goal; find a way to quit my job and write for a living.

JayBird said...

This is excellent, Noel. Thank you for getting my wheels spinning. One thing that makes my heart sing is being available and helpful to people in the area of emotional and physical healing. That is a non-negotiable value that I construct my life story around. I also like to run/play sports and read a ton. When the above items are in my life, I feel fulfilled and joyful.

noel said...

tim- my brain thought like that too especially because the sentence that triggered this was from the bible, phil 3:10 in the amplified starts, "for my determined purpose is to know HIM" but then when i hung on the determined purpose part i thought of much smaller things. smaller not any less important but smaller than "knowing HIM"
jay-glad i could help get the wheels spinning. tis a bit rare but it happens sometimes, kinda like a brain fart.

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