Monday, January 16, 2006

Why Jacob wrestled??

Okay, just thought I would put this out there to see what others take is on this passage of scripture. In Genesis 32:24-30 it tells of when Jacob is about to be reunited with his brother Esau and that night he sends his family and possesions away from himself in fear that if his brother were to come and attack they wouldn't be there and they would be safe. He seems to be in a fearful state already and so maybe that is why what happens next happens, dunno??
So he is all alone and then this is where it tells of the famous story of Jacob wrestling with God. Although , the story first states that it was a man it later says that the man says you have wrestled with God and man and have overcome.
Here is my pondering , why is he wrestling God ? Was it really God or a messenger of God? Why at this season of his life is he wrestling, he's already been blessed with so much? To me when you read this story this part just comes out of no where and it doesn't make sense to me. Why is he wrestling God?
I have heard some tell of how we wrestle with God sometimes in prayer for things that we really want His hand to move in but I just want to know more about this paticular scripture. If anyone has more clarity about this(Georgia) I would really love to hear about it.


georgia said...

Noel, I'll post something on my blog.

TPluckyT said...

I'm reminded of when I wrestle with Jadon. Obviously I can "take him," but I love to see his spirit displayed. It makes me a proud papa.

I like the story because it makes me realize that when I contend with God and man (why? what's going on? you want me to do what?)it's okay and He enjoys me when I engage in the struggle. He likes my spirit because he's the one who gave it to me. I think God enjoys me more when I'm "contending" then when I check out with apathy, hopelessness, and pain avoidance.

My conclusion then is to realize that in our struggles we are allowing God to enjoy us through our willingness to engage in the struggle and this is one way through the struggle we can grow closer to him.

noel said...

georgia-thank you again
tim- i like your comparison alot and especially appreciate the reminder that God much prefers our contending than our apathy.

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