Wednesday, January 04, 2006

me and my sister/friends!!!

So this is a picture of me and my beautiful sisters that I love so much. Being with them both is like Christmas for me, all in and of itself.
My older sister Jenny bought these hats for me and my younger sister Gina for ourDecember birthdays. In true girl dorky form we were so excited to all have matching hats but no where to wear them so we decided to go parading around the mall.
The funniest part was when a black man came up to us and asked us where he could get one, I almost couldn't contain my laughter, cause I did feel like a bit of a poser in the hat.
They are a true sign that Jen has been livin in LA for way too long and needs to move home!!!
Now, because I know that she will probably read this I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything and so in defense of the hat it is very, very warm and I most certainly will wear it again because of that.
Jenny is in Lavita right now on a ministry trip so if you would pray for her, health,clarity of speech, and bonding with the people she will be ministering to that would be much appreciated.


JayBird said...

i really hope/pray that my girls have relationships w/each other like you & your sisters do. this is totally encouraging, considering that my girls argue like cats & dogs about looking @ each other or breathing.

noel said...

hee hee hee, sisters are the best and they will be the best of friends WHEN they get older. not so much of that kindred spirits in our house til we got a bit older.

frad-ster said...

when is your birthday? i have a december b-day too - on new years eve!

noel said...

mine is the 17th. i was supposed to be on Christmas day but decided to come a week early.

Bean said...

so tell me noel do you still have this hat? or did it get lost in the move?

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