Thursday, January 19, 2006

Solomon's thoughts

Sol- "Mom you know what's weally cool about Jesus?"
Me-"What Sol?"
Sol- "He knows evewything that's inside my pocket"
Me-"Yep, yep He sure does"
Sol-"And you know what else?"
Sol-"When we go to heaven someday, He's gonna have the best soda eber"
Me- Big smile
Love the mind of my 4 year old son.


scoey-d said...

I love to hear what is precious to Sol - what's in his pocket, & soda; the contents of a 4 year olds pocket are the most important things in the whole world... and God knows each & every item in there. And soda... nuff said.

kristenb said...

great blog

2nd John said...

Sol carries the banner of his name well. Wisdom and riches both...

kristenb said...

how do you get to emma's page

Dilly Dally said...

Gotta love it huh? Any way Noel I have a blog now so I thought I'd let you and Moes know!!

noel said...

dallas, you don't have a page that we can post. are you gonna write something or just wanted a profile you could comment??

Dilly Dally said...

i do i do! It's I have posted 3 times now.

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