Sunday, August 28, 2005

Back to School, Back to School.....(Adam Sandler song)

I love back to school season . I love it because of the excitement of starting something new. To quote Anne with and E "Today is fresh with no mistakes in it". That's kinda what a new school year is like to me. I also love the shoppin of fresh paper, pencils,etc. I just love the whole thing. I wish I was the one who got to go but for now it is my lil ones that I get to live vicarously through.
So, the chillins (well half of mine) are headed back to school and well to only have two kids in the house as opposed to four is just wierd.
Maybe, I am the wierd one but I don't like it when they go back to school and leave me here all alone to mop the floors, do laundry, and dishes. Not that they helped with these chores at all but they were my excuse if these chores didn't get done, ahem...hope the giant isn't readin this and they also kept me company.
I much prefer playin with kids all day than the nasty household duties, I think that is why teaching quickly became the profession of choice for me and also why when all my kids are in school I too will get to go back as a teacher. Now, some would say that I am crazy and that hangin with children under the age of 5 IS work but to me it is fun,fun,and more fun. This has much to do with the way God wired me and not so much with the fact that there is work involved it just doesn't seem like it to me.
Not just being an excuse for my habits of house-cleanin, but I also miss them. Not, every day but most days. I will admit that some days school time is a very nice, much needed break but for the majority of days I truly miss the busy-ness they bring.
So, I asked my 7 year old if this year I could trade places with her. Smart girl, it didn't take her long to say "No, no,no, no" bummer!!!
So off they go makin memories without me. Now, if I was like my motha(boston accent) I would just say, "The shcual doesn't ouwn yu I doa yourwa stayin home with me today" I don't think the giant would allow this ,but I now see why she would let us play hookie from time to time and as disfunctional as that may have been it made me as a kid feel very loved.
Anyway, on the brighter side I now have more time to blog....I mean....clean my house!!!!


shontell said...

to prove to dad that i aint a foool (sing with me)
there are parts of me that just love adam sandler.
shampoo is good

debi said...

i always love when school starts. i love the quite it brings to my home. i have also been guilty of allowing my son to play hookey with me. i didn't see it as disfunctional so much as just a well deserved day off. we called them mental health days.i do miss being able to do that. since he began high school they are much harder to take. he misses too much.

noel said...

conditioner is betta!!!

digapigmy said...

i go on first and clean the hair.

digapigmy said...
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digapigmy said...
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noel said...

akay, i take it all back. went school shoppin tonight for girls in the wal-mart by our church and had myself some panic attacks.

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