Friday, August 19, 2005

sleep is a beautiful thing

Ok so pretty much like everyone else who got "left behind" I have not had a good nights sleep since August 9th, but for some strange reason the last two nights I have slept so great that I am begining to wonder. Maybe I have prayed everything there is to pray for those in Germany(probably not )or maybe JESUS thought I needed a few nights off. Dunno, but anyway I feel like a new woman.
We are in the final countdown to get those loved ones back home and my prayers are this;
-Lord continue to finish what you have started over there
-Cement the relationships so strong that they will in fact be extended family
-All details of the concert for Saturday under your care and guidance
-Open the eyes and ears of the German people to hear your voice
-Give boldness , courage , and wisdom to those who need more so they can do more
-Continue to provide good health, fruits of your spirit, and sweet sleep
-Continue to protect all families of these ones that are in Germany now and even when they return.
-Open our hearts here at home to recieve the fresh wind that will come as our loved ones return with new passion for you Jesus
-Safe safe travel
-Sweeet sleep
Jesus thank you for your continual protection and guidance. Thank you for answering these prayers and many more.


JayBird said...

i pray this w/ you, noel. thank you, Lord, for this opportunity. we're grateful for Your wonderful ways. thanks for every good & perfect gift, Lord!

debi said...

i agree with you in prayer noel. thank you jesus for the work you are doing in all of us, here & there.

TPluckyT said...

Amen and Amen!

shontell said...

and as my brother would say "dont let it be the pilot's time to meet you." just joking friend. this really makes my mom angry when he says this too. i will hit him for you the next time i see him.

noel said...

hee hee, i think that is a worthy prayer as well though.

lopkolo said...

isaiah looks so cute! i love little baby's asleep!
c u sunday.

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