Friday, August 12, 2005

Who let the DOGS OUT, who who??

The day began with a phone call from a very friendly neighbor asking if I was missing some dogs. I am always quick to say" No, I don't think so "and then realize that in fact yes I am missing some dogs. So then my inquisition begins "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?"who,who hee hee!!
Really, I mean we have a dog run for them, we have a fenced yard, and still they have managed to get out on two adventures in the last few weeks. The first one ended up being very expensive and we have thier mug shots to prove it, this one thankfully was interupted by a very kind citizen who I told thank you a million times over and said he made my day.
So now my thoughts go like this; why in the last few weeks always when Mo is away have my dogs been escaping and causing added stress at a time in life when I am maxed for stress slots.
1. Just a coincidence(I think not)
2. My gates are not working correctly and need to be fixed(Seem to work when Mo is home)
3. An attack in a very lame way to try to rob, kill, and destroy
I have no more stress slots available people, they have all been occupied and so then these occations have to find a home somewhere else like my frustration slots that I have empty in my brain. No frustrations here, nope never in a house full of 4 small humans who have to be taught on a momentary basis how to live life correctly on planet earth. Not a frustration to be found(My lame attempt at sarcasim)
I am releasing and selling all these nasty slots to Jesus who is more than capable when I am not. Strong when I am weak. Thank you Jesus that I am not alone.
Survey says the answer is number 3 but sorry no thieves allowed in my vita bella!


noel said...

ended up having a beautiful day at the lake with my 4 blessings.

TPluckyT said...

Hey, Noel, please don't even hesitate to call Susanne and myself if a situation comes up that requires help. I'm sure I can't lift as heavy a thing as Moses, but Sue's got a strong back. :-)

JayBird said...

i'm convinced that dogs are escape artists. i used to have this yellow lab that could get out in ways i can't explain.

when mindy goes to women's camp- my girls usually get sick & throwup somewhere. one time when she left- i had a toilet overflow (mts. after she left) w/ poop in it. oh, yeah, the most fun is cleaning up poop off of a bathroom floor, while the poop water is soaking into the carpet/padding.. i feel your pain. :>0

noel said...

jay-same thing happens to me
chloe threw up right before mo left then i prayed like a madd dog that no one else would get the bug and thank you Jesus we are in a prayer bubble right now.

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