Thursday, August 11, 2005

SON follower

So I finally figured this bloggin stuff out. At first I was just a wanderer roamin through the streets or various other blogs, and then when I started to get pieved by others comments I thought I might throw my two-cents worth in.

(Where do phrases like that come from?) Two-cents worth? Hmm....

Anyway, I have thouroughly enjoyed everyone else's  insight and hopefully in the future I will have thoughts worth bloggin about.

One final thought, my favorite flower is the sunflower. Has been for years(even before it was so trendy) anyway I just found out few years ago that a true sunflower will follow the sun through out the day until it goes down. 
Did you know that about sun flowers?
Well, I want to be a SON follower. 
Keepin my eyes on Him thats what I am all about.

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