Saturday, August 20, 2005

Burning Man or Bust!!!

Ok so I feel compelled to write about the "goings on" down the street from me. I have a few sketchy neighbors but this one beats all!!

First things first, I have nothing against the occasional RV parked on the street especially in summertime. You don't think much of something like that ,but when there are about 4 to 5 of them and they are all old, run down, and painted very artistically ya start to think it might be time to walk on the other side of the street. Now, I have to mention that my neighbor I believe owns half of these and then the few extra have been showin up periodically throughout the week. I started to think that this might be a family's new living situation. Hey why not the city doesn't limit how many vehicles you can park all over your property(I adda know cause I have from time to time had quite a few VW's parked outside)But then today two indicators that this might be more than a new, cozy, humble home for my neighbor and all his friends and relations.
1. A sign that read "Burning man or Bust"
2. A nice (strange man) strollin down our street with a shoppin cart full of beer and toilet paper,that's all (first thing in the morning I might add)
3. Very interesting creations appearing around all these RV's
Ok so , I pretty much got it after #1's indicator but I thought I would add #2 and #3 for color and humor.
Well, I have been invited to go , but alas I think I might have to hold out and go to something a lil less strange(but not by much) BUG O RAMA in Sacremento.


TPluckyT said...

I'm holding out for the next time The Wiggles come to Arco Arena.

noel said...

yeah, some childrens shows are just creepy,but lets save that for another blog.

JayBird said...

i'm interested in how the "invite" went.

hmmmmmm? burning man, v-dubs, or wiggles- yeah, i'm goin' for the v-dubs. :>)

12:18 PM

B. Dover said...

I was reading in Relavent Magazine about a Christian group that goes to Burning Man each year to hand out tens of thousands of bottles of water and to pray with and counsel anyone there who might be interested (you know just about all of them need it!) I think it's a neat thing, but definitely strange!

digapigmy said...

i'm with you, tim. props for the wiggles reference.

noel said...

the invite was not actually from my neighbor but from some very good friends who have been twice and say that everyone should go at least once in there lifetime, I think they are mostly impressed by the invetions that are built in a matter of days and then torn down just as quick. I wonder if most of the attendees are carni workers??

lopkolo said...

interesting..... kinda weird and funny, though. how are ya noel?

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