Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warning... sad blog ahead, Reminder that LOVE is ALL YOU REALLY NEED

I have met a new friend named Anita. She is one of the mom's that stands around and waits with her child until the bus comes. We have been making small talk for weeks now. She had seemed really shy so I was careful not to overwhelm her with my somewhat overly friendly personality( thank you Trista for that).
Anyway, yesterday we talked a bit more about her life here. In the previous weeks we talked about all the usual small talk things. I knew that she had recently moved to WA also, but from AZ. We had talked about the warmer weather in the States we came from, and the lack of moisture that we left behind, stuff like that. We had talked about how busy boys can be and the joy they bring. We talked about school and about the fact that it is hard to go back to school when you are older. She is enrolled in some classes right now as well. What we didn't talk about is why she moved back to WA.
Well, yesterday she told me that she moved here because her husband recently passed away in October and all of her family is here.

I was shocked and instantly so emotional about it, but I held it together because the kids were still there. She said she didn't want to tell me because she didn't want ME to be uncomfortable. She has a son in kindergarten who Isaiah plays with and Chloe is his big-helper at their school. After the kids got on the bus, I tried to hold it together in front of her, but I am sure she saw my eyes well up with tears. We both had stuff to do that day so we walked our separate ways after that, and when I got home I really started to cry. I can't imagine that kind of pain and sorrow. I called Mo to tell him about it, and also just to tell him that I love him.

It reminded me that you never really know what might be going on in others lives and not to jump quickly to conclusions.

That night when Mo got home I hugged him a bit longer and started to cry again.
No matter what happens in life in the moments that bring struggles and hardships we have each other.
We have each other. We can call each other through out our day. We can stare at the other person as long as we want. We can say I love you. We can fold their laundry and not linger longer for their smell because we can smell them later in the flesh. We can hear their voice. We can hold hands. We can kiss. We can LOVE unselfishly and enjoy life together. The good and the bad we can experience it together.

This is a gift and my friend Anita reminded me of this yesterday. Not that I had forgotten this, but it was an even greater reminder to not take a single moment for granted.
So don't forget, let it be a reminder for you as well to "say what you need to say" to the ones you LOVE. LOVE it's all you NEED.


mollie said...

Thank you for the warning. I think I will go down and clean my house w/o complaining to myself about the filthy pigs that live here...ahem...I mean the precious, hilarious, God-given children. We do have good lives.

And what are the chances of Chloe AND Isaiah having regular contact w/ this kids? Truly destined.


mollie said...

gasp! that wasn't Mollie! That was ME! I was about to be mad at her but then I realized I logged on as her!

noel said...

Ha ha ha, I was going to say my my Mollie Anne you have matured so much. What a sweet thing to do for you mom and thanks so much for reading. Didn't know I had a young fan club of followers for my blog... BUT then I read your second note and it all made sense.
Love you Dawl you make me feel normal. Dunno what that says about you or me but time and time again I feel like I am not alone in my life of silliness when I talk to you.

slogoin' vws said...

aawwwwwwhhhhhhhh...poor thing. i sometimes think that way for those who have lost a empty your life would become. i feel for all who have lost someone or something they've loved. life is sometimes sucky!

noel said...

Hey there Tasha- good to hear from you again. Yep it was really sad. She came over the other day and filled in details he was military and was a helicopter pilot that got killed in Afghanistan. So sad. Her strength so amazing though. Death for sure is the suckiest part about the life we live here.

OLDSKOL57 said...

"Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his boots."

This is a saying I seem to keep telling myself recently.

noel said...

Josh- that is a very good saying and a good one to live by for sure.

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