Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Little Blaggin

The Sun is Shining.

The Birds are chirping.

The kids are playing outside in the Creek.

My hubby played hookie to Love on me.

I just discovered the Genius feature on my itunes and am listening to the songs unfold (what a great feature can't believe I am just now discovering it).

Had an amazing time with some very good friends, the Days and their precious twin girls, last night over a Julia Child's Beef Burgeon dinner, and stayed up talking to the wee hours of the night.

Enjoying the writings of one Shane Claiborne in a book called Irresistible Revolution.

Looking forward to going tonight to see Urban Hymnal with buddy John.

I am sitting here doing what The Giant would deem Blagin, instead of Bloggin it's a combo of bragging + blogging.

A girl should be allowed a little blagin rights every once in a while don't ya think?

Dave Matthew's A Long December just came on and it made me think, it's been a long winter... a very long winter. I am ready for some spring, can I get an AMEN!! Maybe this year will be better than the last.


jordan said...

blag away girl. blag away! :)

shontell said...

Amen, Halelujah, Jesus take the wheel! For realz. There is a nearly two feet of snow outside my door and still fallin'. Just as Tom Petty predicted.

noel said...

Thanks for indulging me Jordan.

Shontelly-I know I saw all those pics ya know on that evil website that you won't be a part of... something with a FACE and then I think a BOOK is in there somewhere. All the status updates early Sunday morning from my Reno crew was about white and fluffy stuff. Hope your enjoying the winter wonderland.

Jen's World said...

blag away girl, that's what I say too!!! :)))

slogoin' vws said...


allie said...

Your life sounds deliciously full of all the best things in life....except ME! Well you and me together! <3

Mel said...

Amen!! My body is aching for some spring sunshine.

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