Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

Today was an absolute perfect Fall day here in Northern Nevada. I love this time of year so much that I when it starts coming around my heart almost skips a beat in anticipation.
I am not sure if it is the smell of pumpkin candles, the candy corns that are one of my favorites, or just the amazing colors that the trees turn that takes my breath away. Whatever the reason, every year I think I fall more and more in love with this season.
Today I had the thought that I might miss the falls here as compared to the fall season in Washington. It's so hard not knowing exactly what to expect. I am sure there will be slight differences but I am expecting that it will be just as grand as it is here. One thing I have to give credit to Nevada for, and that I have always loved about Northern NV is that we do get a full dose of every single season. Sometimes they are extreme but for the most part they are the typical seasons protocol. I wonder if that will be the same in Washington? It's not that I want it to be the same in Washington it's just some things kind of anchor you as a person. You get used to things being a certain way.
I have never felt more ready in my life for this big change, but now that it is finally here, I am a bit weepy about it all. Strange, but true.
I feel prepared but at the same time overwhelmed if that is at all possible to feel together.
I asked Moses the other day if he was getting excited about getting up there and his response was perfect; "Yeah, that's one of the emotions that is in there."

Okay so here is the song that comes to mind with this thought process

Lyrics go like this;

Seasons change...
People change...

You guess the rest??

Pictures were taken last fall underneath my tree. I would say that I might miss that tree but where I am going is tree country and I will have 5 acres of them :) to enjoy.


David said...

... been so long since I found you that it seems like yesterday?

No idea who sings it. Maybe Bananarama, that awesome trio that never sung three-part harmonies.

Pay me. I win. $5!

Erica said...

I bet up in Washington, you might have some more reds in your fall colors, which is cool.

noel said...

David you win by default cause no else played although I do believe you are correct. Did you look up on a lyric website though, cause if you did that's cheating I won't be able to give you your 5 dollars.

Erica- I sure hope so. Seems it has turned to winter already here, what the heck!!

David said...

I totally didn't look it up, and the off-key warblings of that group have been going through my head since I read your blog the first time.

noel said...

That's funny. Some of those 80's bands really stick with ya.
Okay well then I need your address for your $5.

allie said...

I'd sacrifice tomorrow just to have you here today. NOW I WIN! I just needed time to play the game.

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