Monday, September 14, 2009

IT hit me today and IT hurt...real bad

It really hit me square in the jaw today what I will be leaving;

*(I say square in the jaw not literally, but figuratively of course because it hurt so bad it made me cry as though I had been hit hard, like square in the jaw hard, not that I have ever been hit like that but you get the idea)

-Family (Not just any kind of family but the kind that you choose as friends)
-Blue Sky Country
- Friends( Not just any kind of friends but the kind you consider to be family)
-Support (Sewn together as tight as a quilt that you can blanket it around yourself whenever life gets too cold)
-Children at Little Lites (That I love and have already become so attached to and don't want to stop being their teacher)
- VW Slo-Going Club
-Knowing a City so well that I don't need a GPS to navigate me(Which I would like to ask all those reading to be thinking of a name for my GPS girl voice, she will I am sure become a beloved new friend... also if I start talking about her too much in future blogs after I have moved please call my mom Ellen with concern :)
- My Children's Friends (all of which I adore and who's sadness makes it so hard to be happy)
- Nevada Day and the Parade that I love oh so much!! (That's right people I will miss this tradition with my Mom and kids)
- Being only 3 classes away from my degree (only to have to start all over again. I am being a bit dramatic with that because I am sure some classes will transfer it's just it never ENDS. Well, here's to me for trying!!)
-The community of people at Hillside, really good... no great people who have been nothing but supportive and generous with me and my family.
-Granite Counter Tops(wondered if Mo could take those also? just kidding!!)
-My Neighbors( I have really great neighbors, even mean old guy next door has been nice lately, prolly cause he's happy he will have a little peace and quiet now)
-My brother coming over to use our garage every so often
-People who come over unannounced(this is truly, truly something I will miss because it means people not only know where you live but that you love them)
-My new found Gym instructor who kicks butt and takes names, Shalisa
-2 bathrooms( at least I got to have this luxury for a little while)
- The group of newly tattooed people who kept my family a float this summer with their purchases of new ink

I walk slowly away from all of this and so much more, knowing that what the future holds is promising, but the past can't be replaced.


scoey-d said...

I'd go with Maggie May for the GPS voice.

noel said...

hmmm... why pray-tell?

Jeni said...

I can't give you a name for the GPS voice if I don't know what it sounds like... You would give a proper voice with no accent a different name than a voice with a southern accent and so on.

Also, if I get concerned that you're talking about the GPS voice too much, the it would probably be a MUCH better idea to call you than to call your mother... :)

noel said...

Jeni- her voice is very plain and techie sounding. when i have gone off course she says, "re-directing" over and over again.

Maybe something with the intials GPS...??

Jeni said...

Gloria Paige Smith?

Plucky said...

You will be missed . . .:-(

shontell said...

:( sigh. I am not ready to talk about this yet.

Erica said...

So sad to see you and your family go. I'm proud to say you were one of Morgans 1st teachers!

I do have to say, though, my green thumb is yearning for weather that you will have, hopefully the abundant flowers will help you with the blue skies :)

shontell said...

I did it again. sigh. I saw you today TWICE and didn't hug you. It's like my brain is rebelling against your move and I forget I need to stock pile the love.

Andre' Gore said...

Okay, this made me tear up, cuz I know the struggle. Its a beautiful blog tribute. will be beautiful. You and your family are on its own adventure....together. :D You will always have that love and support from these wonderful people!!! You're roots are secure. Thanks to technology, you can always stay connected. You are a beautiful plant being transplanted into a bigger pot with more nurishing soil. You are just extending your boarders. Enjoy your time there. :D And get ready for a fun adventure. There will be bumps in the road....raise your arms and smile as you look around the bus and see Mo driving he will smile and you look back at the smiling kids.....they raise their arms in the air and you all yell whew hew. :D

Andria said...

ugh...i definately dont want to think about this either. The tears were a rolling when I read this. I miss you already friends. Even though we havent seen you in a while. ((hugs))

noel said...

Sorry I didn't mean to make any of you tear up.

Thanks for the advice Dre. I am trying really hard to live in the moment and enjoy all the sun I can.

Erica- I was honored to be one of her teachers and to let her come every week and pillage my plastic cup drawer :) See, now you can make things grow anywhere though-ME- Not SO much!! Green things come to die at my house so I need to be where there is a self watering system going on. I think I will stick my inside plants outside and see what happens(IF any survive)

Jeni- I loved your name Gloria Paige sounds perfect.

Shontelly- I love you. You and I will not let a mere 700+miles get in the way of our bond.

Tim- I know for a FACT that of all the people who said they will come and visit you and Sue will. You two are cool like that!!

Andria-sorry didn't mean to do that. I will miss seeing your kiddos getting bigger. I will see this through facebook of course but not the same. We will get together before I go, it is a goal!!

Stephanie Ridge said...
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Stephanie Ridge said...

I think Lola is a good name for a GPS. Miss you already!

Tmoney said...

Oh friend, did you know you were one of the first friends I made when I switched churches? and even though I was really taken aback by your friendly forwardness, it made me think about that I would like to be able to do that, and made me work on it a little. And I like that we can talk about politics and still be friends later. You and your family will be loved anywhere you go, but I will miss you here.

noel said...

Thanks Steph- but I think I am going with Jeni's - Gloria Paige Smith. It just sounds so right for her voice.
Trista- No I didn't know that, hmm... well I will have to try not to scare people in WA with my friendly forwardness. Ya know, its not so strange to find a friend that you can talk politics and still be friends with. I am sure we will have many wonderful debates in the future. I will miss you and your family as well.

OLDSKOL57 said...

We just got to Portland today and a few observations.

The Slo-Goin family is truly unique.

I live(ed) 2 doors down from Nate & Beth and our kids are the same age. What a huge loss.

Neighbors. I hugged "crazy lady" as the diesel truck was running and she came by to say goodbye. Also to let me know again there should be no Mexicans moving in to our house. She is a Mexican.

I will truly miss the 2nd bathroom.

Feel free to stop by on your way through if you need a place to stay overnight or just let the kids run around for an hour.

Tmoney said...

Noel, the point was, I liked it silly girl! It made me think about how nice it would be to just be nice and friendly. I am a little guarded you know.

noel said...

Josh- You are funny. You made me laugh about the crazy lady stuff. We are so happy that you guys are going to be that close. Thank you so much for giving the invite for a pit stop. I will have to let Mo know that. I know you guys sure did have the ideal set up with Beth and Nate right next door. Such a bummer.

Trista- I know, I know, I was just being silly. I can't help but be friendly and foward and scare people :)

slogoin' vws said...

man, i think it's now hitting me square in the jaw i need to bring tissues over on saturday?

noel said...

Tasha- I will have some.

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