Saturday, September 26, 2009


My neighbors across the street from me left yesterday. With the U haul hitched to the back of their truck they were relocating to Texas where they will be starting over after losing their home of 20 years. I remember when my neighbor came over some months ago and told me with tears in her eyes that they would probably be losing the home. This was due to bad financial decisions that their son who owned many Dominoes franchises had made and it some how involved them. I remember thinking then how sad that not only this son has the guilt of this on his shoulders, but now this couple that should be settling in for retirement has to uproot and relocate. I can't imagine my parents having to do this.
20 years is a really long time. It's longer than I have been married to my husband. It's longer than I have been out of high school. It's longer than any of my children have been alive or even my younger brother for that matter.
They drove away from 20 years of memories and hard work on that house. They were really good gardeners and always kept their yard in perfect condition. They would go out early in the morning and trim the rose bushes that surrounded their front yard. It's going to be sad to see the lawn begin to die and the roses go unkempt.

It put into perspective the loss of our home in comparison to theirs. It makes me grateful for a whole lot of stuff, but one of them being that this was never our forever home. We knew when we bought this house that more than likely it would not be our forever home. Don't get me wrong we had many plans for the place and even accomplished some of those plans but we never thought we would be here forever.
We will leave behind only 4 and half years of memories here in this home which in comparison to 20 seems like nothing. When we leave, it leaves this neighborhood in a sorry, scary position. There are several foreclosures and auctions all over this neighborhood now and it makes me wonder, what in the world is going on?
These homes are being auctioned for pennies on the dollar, and still people aren't even buying them. It is really just so sad. I sure hope that the state of Nevada puts some laws in place so that this kind of thing can never happen again here.

My neighbors had some parting pearls of wisdom before they left though, "It's just four walls and a roof over your head and as long as you have each other you can find that anywhere"
Here's to Doug and Donna, yet another family who is making lemonade with the lemons they have been given!!


Tmoney said...

I think this is really sad..
Some statistics:
What they are calling the homes that have not yet foreclosed, but are delinquent are "shadow inventory". There are about 7 million of these homes, more than what was sold in the US last year. This doesn't include the homes that have foreclosed. These laws started to change federally about 11 years ago when Clinton was in, and they wanted to make sure that everyone could buy a home. There were some pretty grave warnings about changing these laws but they pulled the heartstrings and got the laws changed anyway. Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona are in the worst shape.

Statistics aside, I have talked with our mortgage companies for a long time now, with not any progress. I don't think they really want to do anything. But I think since they got some federal money, they have to seem like they are trying. It is maddening.

noel said...

Wow, really 7 million? That is just crazy. It really does seem strange to me that this all can be happening and no one is doing anything about it. It is eery how many homes now you know people have tried and failed with the banks to no avail.
I don't think they want to do anything but make themselves more money. It's all business to them. They don't see the names and the faces, the kids any of human side to this. If they did they wouldn't sleep well at night.

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