Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Reality 3 weeks from D-day!!

The hugs are a little bit longer now.
The times are a little more special.
My living room looks a little barren.
My heart is exploding with emotions.
The strange sensation to apologize has taken a hold of me.
The thought that I have made the wrong decision has reared it's ugly head.
My hopes are that I didn't.
My days are becoming very dream like.
The mountains that surround this area suddenly look so beautiful.
The time is getting short.
My eyes have taken to tearing up all day long for random reasons.
My soul still knows peace that surpasses all understanding.


I'm still Jenny From The Block said...

Hey sweet sis. All of that is very very natural. Truly it is. I think it's part of transition and change. But I really believe it's going to be a good thing. Praying for you tomorrow while on a long flight back to Reno! See you tomorrow night :)

Jeni said...

I wish I had some advice to offer, but I've never left-- still living in the city where I was born. I do know that you have the ability to bring joy to any place you might be and also to find hope in even the most hopeless situations. If you need help or just company any time before you leave, let me know!

Love you, friend!

noel said...

Thanks for the encouragement sista!! I believe it is going to be good too. Truly, in my core I know it will be but I was just being real ya know, Keeping it Real!!

Jeni- I know what you mean that would be me too. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your sweet spirit and friendship sure has brought joy to my soul. You are precious. I do love the moral support so whenever you have a night free come on over.

Dreamer said...

Dear Noel:

Although I am not a real relative, I feel deeply for you and your family. I'll never forget the first time I met you: I was struck by your beauty and your warmth. Your Uncle Frank and I had 'found each other' and were so greatful to God that he had given us to each other....this late in life..and to know that God had brought us together until 'death would part us'. (You had come to your Mom's house to show off a fur coat and or hat...not sure if it was real fur) but Frank and I were the only one's there) Do you remember?

I feel honored that I was able to visit your little two story house, Danielle drove me by your second house and to be invited to your Spark's house for Gina's Wedding shower.

Everytime you and Moses move I tell Frank that it is a miracle. No one can sell a house and find a better place each time unless 'God is in Charge'. Well actually God is always in charge to those of us that believe. We've tried to move many times...it's so lonely out here and none of Frank's relatives will visit because 'it's so out of the way'. GOD JUST KEEPS SAYING 'NO'!!!!!!! We know it's God's Will that we can not leave for at least now. And God has filled our lives with a 'substitute family' which is our lovely neighbors and my family which has traveled from as far as North Dakota, Alaska, Chico, Red Bluff, Oregon and Clear Lake. We are truly blessed!!

One of your daughters ran up to me at Frank's retirement party, threw her arms around my waist, and proclaimed: "I love you Auntie Barbara, I miss you, I haven't seen you for such a long time!"
I then showed the magnet I keep on my fridge of her and her siblings.
Thanks for those Christmas Blessings--I am thankful.

Please don't ever apolgize for going through the feelings you're having. Very Normal.

I love the 'Lord's Prayer'. It covers everything. I say it in my head many times a day....and since I, like other's, fall short of the Glory of God, it covers all bases.

"My all time favorite"

May the Lord Bless you and keep You,
My He Make His Face to Shine Upon You,
And Give You His Peace.

The Dear Scofield Family will be in Our Thoughts and Prayers forever.
Frank and Barbara LeSage

noel said...

Hi Barbara, that was beautiful thank you. And Yes, I do remember the first time I met you. Mo's mom had just given me that fur coat(totally real) because she had no use for it in Mississippi.
I know exactly what you are talking about in being like in a holding pattern. It is a difficult task to be content in the present moment. Wherever we are at to find joy in all things, that is the never-ending challenge.
I do feel blessed because in all the circumstances that have taken place God has once again turned all things for good for those that love Him. He is cool like that!!
Much love, Hope to see you before we leave but if not when we come in the summer for sure.

slogoin' vws said...

you know, change is good and it might mean a few tears need to be shed and people need to be told that you love them...but...so many more people are waiting for you to be part of their lives as well...we'd love to keep you all to ourselves but selfishness isn't a good trait...we will always love you guys!

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