Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre Qualifications for My New Friends :)

Here is my thought, are you allowed to have pre-qualifications for new friends? My good friends Marie and Lolita said tonight that we do indeed do this anyway, but my thought was more of like and interview process. Not the civil once over we give people before we decide whether or not they are worth our time.

When I get to Washington can I just ask as I am being introduced to someone; "So tell me do you like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Billy Holiday's music because if you don't we should just end this conversation right now?"
Or can I say, " Oh you don't appreciate the beauty and novelty of old VW bugs, that's too bad!" SLAM DOOR!!
"You have never seen the movie What About Bob? Well, come back and talk to me when you do"

I realize that this is not at all something I would be ballsy enough to actually do and that more than likely my best friend for quite some time will be my GPS- Gloria Paige(Thank you Jeni) still I would like to think I could be this brave or colorful at some point in my life.

I lead a rich fantasy life.


David said...

I have a lot to say about this in the context of how I handle the search for new friends, but it would just seem like Eeyore somehow came alive for the sole purpose of posting on your blog.

I'll try to stay positive, though.

Maybe you should start with the things you don't want to have in common with someone. For instance, you could go to a gathering and scream, "White power!" The people who cheer won't be pre-qualified, and maybe you can learn more about the good people as you explain to them why you just screamed, "White Power!"

Oh, and I've got a shiny new quarter for you each time you don't cry during or after attending church before your move.

noel said...

David I actually thought of you while blogging this because I really do think that you are this kind of person who could be brave enough to have an interview process for new friends.
I guess I probably became a friend by default, because of sister Allie, but all the same I am glad I made the cut.
Yes, church shopping is not something we are looking forward to by any means. Maybe we just won't go :)

David said...

I get just as much out of a podcast as I do attending church. Though I might be forced in relationships if I attended someplace here.

But once you've tried the five or six places that interest you and they just aren't cutting it, it's tough to go out continue to look.

noel said...

I listen to podcasts now just cause I love Joel Olsteen so much, hee hee hee just kidding.
I hear ya, well I hope our search doesn't take too long. There are a lot of great places to go up there so I have been told so we shall see. Your Eeyore comment made chuckle today when I thought about you and just how funny that you mentioned a Winnie the Pooh character on my blog. It made me smile. Miss you guys.

Jeni said...

When all of us old friends come to visit, we could help you out with the screening process-- be the objective outsider. If you're being too nice to somebody who's just a jerk then we will politely (or not so politely, depending on who your visitor is) kick them to the curb for you...

David said...

Just be glad that you have the Internet to help you in your church search. I can't imagine just going to a church based on something like, "Well, at least it's not a Methodist church."

Now you can check out podcasts and worship service samples. Makes it easier, but not necessarily easy

noel said...

Jeni- sounds like a plan. I will hold you to that.
David- very true. i am sure that the internet will help us with a lot of things like that. i am trying to find a gym before i even get up there and looking online has been really helpful.

slogoin' vws said...

hmmm...i've been thinking about how you will introduce yourself to your new world...let me know how you approach're always so good at just being!

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