Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some things... about cleaning... and Me

Some things I hate cleaning...

The Inside of a Microwave when something has exploded.

The underbelly of a Toilet.

The remnants of any and all excretions from my Dog.

Any and all dusting.

The inside of my junk drawers.

The corners of my kitchen floor.

Food that has been left to forever change the shape of a dish.

Some things I enjoy cleaning....

(Pshh, who am I trying to kid you all know I hate to clean!! )

Still there are a few things I don't mind cleaning...

My Bed, love the smell of clean sheets

Ironing, love the smell and warmth (I have shared this before but thought it deserved mentioning since my list is so short)

The outside of a dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and microwave.

My Car.

Some people that make all cleaning tolerable for me ...

Dean Martin

Frank Sinatra

Billy Holiday

and ... Louie Armstrong


Jeni said...

Putting away laundry is the WORST CHORE EVER... Yeah...

noel said...

Yeah, I don't like putting it away either. I like folding and having the smell of the dryer going but putting away is the worst. Often times doesn't get done in our house. Shh.. don't tell.

The Leftoverist said...

Amen about the laundry. Just folded a crapload of it tonight and really resented having to put it away.

I like to clean the outside of my dishwasher, too! Mostly because it is zero work.

noel said...

Yep, Sarah and it's so rewarding too. Looks so shiny and pretty afterward.

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