Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just Thoughts

Three weeks left of summer break. I need to get this family back to real life time instead of island time. We have successfully once again thrown away the clocks for the summer and I fear we will go into shock if we went cold-turkey back into school schedule time. So really, I am thinking we only have two weeks left of break and the week before school starts is always busy with school stuff and getting back into the groove.

Emma has really taken to baking and cooking things in the kitchen. Tonight it's cinnamon cupcakes with creme cheese frosting. Mmm...mmm good!!

Moses marinated a steak for this evenings dinner that I am pretty excited about.

I am not going with the first publishing company that offered to publish my book. There was some things in the contract that just didn't sit well with me and so I decided not only did I have no business looking at a 10 page legal document but that it was time to look for an agent. Looking for an agent has been interesting to say the least. More on that later.

My neighbors down the street are getting ready for the big Burn. They are coming into town at their usual speed for this time of year. Always provides for some free entertainment. They are all so nice and very excited that you can't help pick up on that energy. Hope they don't get rained out this year.

My other neighbors have been unusually nice lately. Bringing over all kinds of fruits and vegetations. These are not the usual nice neighbors.

We still haven't heard any news back from our bank lenders about getting "Help for Homeowners". They said it would be 30 to 90 days before we heard anything. It's been 37.5 days so there is still some time I guess before we have to start packing.

Picture of my Dad and Isaiah at Savy's 2nd b-day.


Plucky said...

I am very interested in the process of "looking for an agent." Please let me know how that goes . . .

Best wishes and high hopes to you my friend! You have a quality product and I'm sure you will be successful!

I'm still Jenny From The Block said...

Awe, I LOVE this photo!! LOVE it.

Erica said...

Man, your kitchen must always smell yummy with the chef and potential chefs playing around :)

noel said...

Tim- Yep I will keep you posted on the agent thing.
Thanks for the encouragment.
Jen- I know it's a really cute one.
Erica- Yes indeed. I am happy to have so many cooks in the kitchen.

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