Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And So I Start Again...

I like the idea of new beginnings.

I am amazed by the fact that our bodies no matter where we are in life can respond to starting over with exercise and eating right.
I have for several months not done a single thing in the exercise department. It is an area of great frustration for me how inconsistent I have always been with all things physical.
In January of this year I set out as all New Year's Optimistic people do to finally be consistent in this area. I lasted until the time change occurred in March and since then have not lifted a finger or a muscle I should say.
About a month ago my sister encouraged me by signing me up for a new gym. I was on my way to getting around to do this myself, but I can procrastinate like it's nobodies business when it comes to something I don't want to do. Don't even get me started about my upcoming, pressing need to register for a math class in the fall!!

Anyway, back to new beginnings. I am back at it again and have been going strong with the weekly workouts for over a month now. I am hopeful that it will last and I will finally be consistent in this area. I am hopeful that I won't come up with excuses or reasons why I can't do something that should be as important to me as bread, water and air.

I like the fact that God is a God who supports new beginnings. In fact He is all about new beginnings. His middle name could be NEW BEGINNING. I love how His motto is NOT- "Oh you screwed up forget it. You are a loser and you will never get it right but rather Grace and Mercy triumph over Judgement. That is His way. I think that is why He made us so that even our bodies respond so well with new beginnings.

Okay now for the random song in this blog;

This all reminds me of that old 80's song or maybe it was 90's...ya know how pretty much everything can remind me of a song right?

"Here I go again on my own,
Going down the only road I've ever known"

Okay all you song trivia people out there who sings it and what are the rest of the words??


allie said...

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone,
And I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams, so here I go again
( could go on, I know all the lyrics I bet.....do you remember how it starts?)(I think I do).


Go for it Noel! Give me just a few more days and I will be right w/ you. But tonight I ate pizza.

noel said...

SWEET, way to go Allie. No I have no idea how it starts but I am going to go check it out on Itunes. Maybe I need to purchase some Whitesnake songs. I think I remember an old boyfriend we had one of Whitesnakes songs as "our song". So funny!! Thanks for playing :)

shontell said...

Dang it, Allie! She beat me to the punch. I was singing! But the good thing is you don't have to be a drifter. We are all torturing ourselves and you get to go work out with all of our friends. sigh. sans one. MEEE! This morning I will be attending a pilates class followed by a strength building ballet class. scary. you may find me lying on the gym floor.
I say, in the wise words of Rob Schneider, "YOU CAN DO IT!!" Just remember that it is a priority, not just something to go and do. Make time for it. It may mean cutting out other things especially when the kids start back to school, but you CAN do it!

noel said...

thanks for the encouragement shontell. my sister jen you almost have to be selfish about it. i hate that word. why is it selfish to take time to work-out? i wish the mom guilt about it all wouldn't be there but i think eventually it will be something we can all do together.

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