Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some of my thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts for this Thursday afternoon-

-My love/hate relationship with my dogs is one that I have been pondering lately. They are the cutest dogs I have ever owned they are also the most destructive annoying dogs. I am not sure why I have allowed as much as I have with their shenanigans!! I am not sure why I agreed and even sought out this scenario in my life again. They do bring me some small piece of joy or I am sure I wouldn't keep them. However, this morning when they had eaten a whole pack of new bubble gum I was considering doing alot of things to these 4 legged creatures and these things were not nice.
-My thoughts on all writers being egocentric - I had this thought the other day. All writers have to have a certain sense of ego in order to think that their ideas are first of all good enough to be published in a book and second of all great enough ideas that people should pay money to read them. This thought had me a bit perplexed once again about my aspirations of becoming a published author and even why I have a blog. 
-Friends and some disappointments that I have finally come to realize in that area of life are this; some of my friends that have left stronger imprints than others still influence me today even though I haven't seen or heard from them in a while. One friend I have used to love to write with a plain old Bic pen , still to this day I like to write with a Bic pen because of her and when school supply shopping time comes around that is one item that is always on my list. Other friends I wonder was it just that we went to the same church that even barely classified us as friends. I am excited that Louie is blogging about this topic because it's something that I have been thinking alot about lately. Also, I am quickly learning in my 30's that every person who wants to be my friend maybe I don't want to be theirs and how to navigate through that one has been interesting. There are circles of friendships. The inner circle for me consists of my family first which right there makes it a big circle, then a middle circle of friends that are like family to me and that I share everything with, and finally an outer surface circle or what I would like to say is the acquaintance circle of friends.
-Music, why have I been given so many songs and what should I do with them. Why are we given certain gifts without the time to really pursue them. Will I ever move these songs out from the notebook and on to a recording. Dunno. I am however looking forward to going back to my Uncle's recording studio and getting some songs that my Grandmother wrote recorded. 
-The current political thoughts, honestly isn't this over already? But in reality I told Mo the other night that I think either of these guys are crazy for signing up for this job. You could not pay me enough money... no way would I ever take this job. Not on your life!! Also to the shock and awe of those of you who think I am an Obama groupie I will have you know that I do believe both of these gentlemen would do a fine enough job and I don't really care at this point. By that I mean, I won't be moving to Canada if Mc Cain does win. But he won't!! Last debate sure was interesting.
-Motivation, where it comes from , why it's lacking for me right now, and What can I do about that?
-Deja Vu's - This is my topic of research currently in my Psych class, lots of thoughts there. What are they really? Why do some have more than others and some none at all?

-School , I am so over it. Really, what's the point that I am going through all these hoops and for what? To get paid a measly teacher's salary. Sorry but I am just thinking it might not be worth it anymore. Although if Obama gets in, he has mention ECE several times in all his speeches and has some good plans for those of us pursuing that degree, hint hint Jessica :)

Those are them folks, hope you enjoyed the journey inside my brain for this week.


SeƱor H said...

So I'm pretty sure the question on the table is this:

Did the dogs blow bubbles out their backside?

noel said...

Ha, you are a funny man Mr. Harder. Well, the answer- dunno, I was in bed fast asleep and woke to this mess in the morning. I am sure they will show some signs of this later but I won't be letting them in for a bit longer, until I can refrain myself from killing them.

Jeni said...

1) I miss you! Haven't seen you for a while.
2) Did you mail your manuscript?
2a) I know what you mean about requiring a certain level of ego (which is probably why I'm still not published) but I don't think it's wrong to be paid for something you are gifted with-- I do think it becomes wrong when you start demanding more. I would cut back on my expenses, even take a roommate again if it meant I could spend all of my time writing, but alas, that is apparently not my path in life.
3) Then again, I may be forced to take a roommate again anyways if a certain candidate rhyming with Chickain wins this election. But I probably wouldn't move to Canada either!
4) Hope that all is well with you!

noel said...

i miss you too jeni. we should plan another chic flick sunday afternoon sometime soon.

Jeni said...

I agree. I was thinking one of the upcoming Christmas movie would be a good choice because then you will be done with school, Laura will be done with school and therefore it may be a bit easier to coordinate... :)

noel said...

YEs, yes when school is out sounds like a great idea.

Becka said...

Hmm. Some writers I know are egocentric, very much prima donnas. Some aspiring authors, even, think the world should love their "babies".

I think the successful writer is the one who does it because writing is like breathing to them. If they didn't do it, they would be "less" of themselves - does that make sense?

Some people have stories to tell and submit them to publishers in the hopes of reaching as many people as they can, not necessarily for the $$. Let's face it, publishers have avenues of getting books in front of people that a regular self-published person has no hope of ever pursuing.

For me, the motivation for writing is to touch people's hearts, make them think, or let them escape their own problems for awhile. This is why I love to READ, not just write. It's never been about the money, because let's face it, I don't make much (LOL), and unless you're Nora Roberts or Stephen King pumping out the best-selling books year after year, authors in general don't get as much $bank$ as you think they do.

But yeah, the successful authors (the kind of author *I* want to be) are the ones who write because they have a need to do so, and publish in an effort to reach and touch as many people as they can, rather than for the notoriety or the "wealth".


No(dot dot)el said...

Becka- I totally- whole heartedly agree about that. I think when I wrote this all these many moons ago I was in one of those self-loathing moods and so this was probably directed at ME MYSELF and I ;) more than anyone else.
I totally know what you mean about the "need" to write that takes over any other thought you might have.

Heidi said...

Interesting that you included a post where you mention politics (since you currently have an election happening very soon!)

I often wonder about writers and egos. Does it really matter what I write? There is a billion blogs out there, why is what I have to say important?

That all being said, I really DO enjoy your blog and I hope you'll continue to write (very interested in your bishop series!)

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