Friday, October 03, 2008

One Month and I am still standing by my man Obama

First about the debates last night if Sarah Palin winks one more time at me to try and get my vote I think Moses might actually start getting jealous.
That's pretty much all I have to say about that.  
The debate was interesting to say the least.  Biden just had the ultimate trump card on his hands which is that he has just been in this politicians game a bit longer. 
Okay enough about the VP's who really don't do a whole bunch anyways and so why all the fuss? Well because again when you know you can't win on your own pull in a woman !! Still think this was McCain's attempt to play chess and Sarah Palin is his pawn.
Ask me how I really feel?
Okay here's how I really feel-

Things I really like about Obama;

-First of all I just like him. I believe in him. I believe that he really is going to try to do these things that he is saying he will put his hand to. 
-I like that he himself makes fun of his name and has a good sense of humor about it all. I like that he is very aware of the times in which we live and knows that even in this day and age there will be those who will simply not vote for him because of his name. He is risking his life to be our next President, very much a risk for him and still is not afraid.
- I like the fact that after he graduated from Harvard Law and had jobs lined up and ready to be given to him on Wall Street that would have paid much more money, he turned this down to serve in a way that he knew would help the greater good. This is selfless. If he was after the big bucks and a career the choices he made right out of law school should prove to you that he was not concerned about his own pocket book as much as he was for that of his fellow man.

-He will not raise my taxes or anyone who is not making 250,000 or less a year.
-He will eliminate taxes for most Seniors that I know and probably that you know. These are people that we should be looking out for in this next election. By voting for a president that will put money back in the pockets of those that have gone before us is just one way I think I can help them in the last years. This is having  respect for my elders.
-He will give me a tax break of up to 1,ooo dollars right away when elected. I could use a break.
-He will start a fast track plan to resource energy here in America so that we are no longer so dependent on foreign oil. This will drastically change my life and yours because paying at the pump will go down quite bit.

Things you should reconsider -

- If you think or heard that he is a Muslim and believe this- HE IS NOT
- If you think his plan for medical reform will dump our health care industry on it's head- IT WILL NOT
- If you think he is 'the' most liberal democratic president elect we have had, HE IS NOT
- If you are afraid of him because he is so different- HE IS NOT 
-If you think he is unpatriotic because he didn't raise his hand to salute the flag- HE IS NOT

Things you should know for sure about him-

He could have chosen to many things in his young 40 something life.  For the next 8 years he could have been building his career in law and making much more money than what he would be making in the White House. He could be safe and sound untouched by the prejudice that still runs wild in this country. He could be in Chicago not allowing the world at large to criticise and scrutinize his nationality or his faith but instead he has chosen this moment now to serve. 
He will serve as true voice in Washington that has not been sold out or been bought out by lobbyist expecting favors in return. He is the real deal.


SeƱor H said...

I'm sorry but I couldn't even make it through your blog.

I don't think ANY politician is 'selfless'. Obama has raised over $400m for his campaign, guess what, the job only pays $400,000 per year! It's the same with the Rep. party. There is something wrong with investing 1000% into a job. This two party system bites!

Ralph Wigam for prezidint!

If Obama does get in office, I hope he does do the things you want him too. But it never happens. They are all empty promises from puppets that are controlled by higher powers that we don't even see. And they play us all for fools because it gets us into the "Blue vs. Red" mentality.

And VP's do have a lot of power. Cheney owns Bush, always has.

I refuse to vote the way the system wants me to. "Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four."

Jeni said...

Didn't I read this somewhere else? Oh yeah, that's right-- your myspace!

But I love it all the same-- and I love that you have hope for a better future, as do I. The first time I was able to vote for prez was 2000 and that election was enough to turn people away from voting forever, particularly if it was your first time... But this time I feel like my vote actually matters, even if just a little. That may change after votes are counted in Florida, though... :)

TPluckyT said...

So do I understand correctly that you might vote for Obama?

noel said...

sorry that i didn't get back to this one for a minute.
dave- you seem to have some passionate feelings about politicians :) no seriously, it's fine that you didn't read the rest of my blog. i am not butt-hurt.
i do however disagree with you just because i have personally known some politicians who are selfless people and i suppose that is the only reason why i can hope against all hope that there might be some more out there.
jeni- yes, you did see this somewhere else. you are not imagining things
tim- ha, you are a funny man. i think i am leaning that way.

allie said...

So do you still hold the view that he is pro-life?

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